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October 27, 2008

Unspoken Reality

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Is there anyone who hasn’t had what they consider a psychic experience? It could be as simple as thinking of someone you haven’t thought of or heard from in a long time and then receiving a phone call or email from that person. Most of us own a similar experience that seems more than coincidental. It feels intuitive in nature.

I think it’s the only glimpse we get of reality before reality happens. Before we have a thought or experience, there is a comingling of energies at a subconscious level that prompts that thought or experience to emerge. Thoughts are really afterthoughts. They have already formed before we think them. I believe we sometimes tap into that energy before our sensing or thinking apparatus assembles it into shape. Let’s call this pre-formation phenomenon “Unspoken Reality.”

You’ve heard me say many times that reality is what happens and our lives are determined by our response to what happens. It’s a universal truth that we have no control over reality, so you may ask, “Why bother planning?”

I believe that planning lays the track to run on if the reality you’re planning for comes to pass. If you don’t lay the track, and your wished for reality comes to be, you won’t have the ability to move your train to the next stop. So goal setting and track building, tempered with common sense forecasting, usually pays dividends. But even the world’s most successful investor, Warren Buffet, has lost money in the recent decline on Wall Street. Reality can derail even the most powerful of trains.

Is there a way to heighten our ability to sense reality before it happens? The answer is “I don’t know” but I have a hunch.

My sense is we do this by visiting the melting pot from where all reality stems from. This is the place where thoughts aren’t allowed. It’s the quiet place of contemplation where unspoken reality forms. This is where the club meets to determine whether the tree fort will be built or not.

I think you increase the odds of you plans working out when you dip into the depths of a meditative state before embarking on your planning mission. Here is where you have the best chance of a preview on reality. That preview may come as a vision for the future, a spontaneous thought, or a gut feeling. As most people who’ve experienced this will attest, these are not run of the mill visions, thoughts or feelings. They have a sense of certainty to them that just can’t be rationally explained.

We cannot control reality, but we may be able to predict it with more regularity if the reality we plan for is preceded by a quieting of our thoughts.

If there was ever a club I would like to be a card carrying member of, it’s the “Unspoken Reality Club.” They conduct meetings 24 hours a day and membership is only denied to those who think they can control the universe.

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