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October 15, 2008


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Most people have a ready answer to the question “What was the happiest day in your life?” Whether it was your wedding day, the birth of a child, a job promotion or release from prison, the question always puts the focus on the past.

The Grasshopper weighed in on this from out of the blue yesterday when he offered this: “May you have a new happiest day in your life.”

Our thinking seems to run counter to this well intentioned wish. We as a species seem to shut down the possibilities quotient when we reach a certain level. This is quite evident in sales. Efficient sales organizations issue quotas to their salespeople – daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. The natural phenomenon that happens in most cases is this: If a salesperson reaches their quota before the deadline, they shut down efforts for remainder of the time frame. There is still a pile of money to be made in the remaining period but the effort becomes invisible.

“Happiest” for most seems to be fixed rather than fluid. The underlying belief is that I couldn’t possible exceed the happiness that past moment produced. Add to that, the fear of diminishing that moment by having a better one. What would people think of me if I judged this moment more happy than the traditional ones most people hold on to?

“Happiest” will have trouble reinventing itself if it we keep it married to the past.

I think happiness stays away when we close ourselves to possibilities. Back to sales for a moment . . . I learned most of what I know about sales from a guy named Terry Butler. One of the questions Terry encouraged you to ask a client was this: “How can you be happier?” People don’t usually go down that possibility path unless they are lead there.

You may want to lead yourself there and ask “How can I be happier?”

There is openness about the question. It’s not the normal head trash of “I should be happier” or “Why can’t I be happy?” It focuses you on the process rather than on thoughts that keep you stuck in place.

How open are you to exceeding your threshold of happiness and having countless more “happiest” days in your life?

Start the process now and ask yourself “How can I be Happier?”

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