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October 17, 2008

Salt & Pepper

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Which condiment are you, salt or pepper?

Each one plays a part in seasoning the flavor of life.

Metaphorically speaking, salt seems to preserve the status quo and pepper seems to get your beliefs to sneeze.

I never knew what iconoclast meant until someone labeled me as one. I looked it up and found this definition: Somebody who challenges or overturns traditional beliefs, customs, and values. I guess I’m pepper.

Look at the holes in traditional salt and pepper shakers and you will find there are more holes for salt to pour through than pepper. Salt is more popular than pepper. It simply has better PR.

But neither salt nor pepper is superior in its function. Both have a role to play and each is to be appreciated for their ability to enhance the flavor of our life’s situation.

The mistake we make is surrounding ourselves with the same seasoning. We need a little of both – one to preserve us and one to spice us up.

If all your friends agree with you, you need some new friends. That’s a blueprint for stagnation.

Be as thankful for those who test you as you are for those who soothe you.

Pepper may sprinkle salt in your wounds and make them sting, but the outcome may prevent you from getting peppered.

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