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October 8, 2008

Manifesting Options

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I have real differences with the “white hot” ideology of affirmation and the law of attraction.

There is no debate about the success of the movie and book by Rhonda Byrne called “The Secret.” It’s made people more cognizant of their role in manifesting their own destiny. My main complaint is the philosophy is too specific. If it worked as the proponents say, there would be a pony in every driveway on Christmas morning. Who has more imagination, unchallenged beliefs and visualization skills than children?

The point of imagining something specific as already in your possession does wonders for your ability to make yourself feel good in the moment. It does very little in making that specific desire show up. It’s like the feel good reverie you may experience for a moment when plunking down a dollar on a lottery ticket. Yes, there are stories touted about people who have used this “Secret” method and realized their wildest dreams, but the percentage of success is so low that it underscores the impotency of this strategy for the other 98% of people who bought in and didn’t win.

I believe people would be much more successful with “The Secret” strategy if they changed their angle of view and discovered that the strategy is best used in manifesting options, not specifics.

Specific desires, alone, engage critical consciousness too much which jams your thinking process and produces limited options. Does this mean that you cannot have a specific desire for something special to manifest in your life? No, it means that your percentage of success with the method increases when your desire is to manifest options rather than specifics.

Reality always delivers options. If we are so honed in on seeing only one specific result in our reality, we miss seeing the other options that are always there. Walkie-talkies work on the principle that only one person can talk at a time. If you are blathering on about a specific and the person on the other end has myriad options to offer, you won’t get to hear them and your chance for success remains at 2%.

More people would get what they specifically wanted if they did 3 things:

  1. Desire options around their goal rather than specifics outcomes.
  2. Find the best method for them to calm their critical consciousness.
  3. Become cognizant of the many options presented and pick the best one available.

There is a practice in drafting football players that underscores this approach. All professional football teams go into the college draft knowing specifically what position players their team needs to improve. Let’s say they need an offensive lineman. When it’s their turn to pick, the caliber of offensive lineman they need to improve is not available. The savvy team at this point picks the “best athlete available,” no matter what position they play, rather than wasting their selection on a mediocre player just because he plays a specific position. Oftentimes another team can use the person you picked and will trade you an experienced offensive lineman for them.

I think the route to your desires is more circuitous than the specific strategy of “The Secret.” You’ll be more successful with an uncluttered mind open to options than you will with a mind occupied with a one trick pony.


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