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December 30, 2019

Values vs. What You Value

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Matthew henry OpF2pdcCKdw unsplashIt seems to me that “Values” are universal and “What you value” is personal.

Values seem to be the unbendable law, and “what we value” bends toward our beliefs.

“Love thy neighbor” is universal; “Get off my lawn” is a reversal.

You have to be sightless not to see the tribal anger that is permeating our culture. That’s due in part to resistance to change. Society is always evolving but we don’t notice the change while it’s happening. It’s only after, when we read historic accounts, that we notice the building blocks that led to the change.

If you say, “This isn’t right,” you may want to ask yourself a question right after. That question is: “Is it not right because it violates values or is it not right because it violates what I value?”

Many of us value our preferences, predilections, and prejudices. If they don’t morph with the evolution of change, we’ll erect walls in order to stay the same. We will live in isolation with our tribe and be at war with anyone on the other side.

Values don’t change but what we value is adaptable. If we refuse to adjust, we’ll just continue to kick up dust and cloud the horizon so we can’t see the future.

Living in the past is the hallmark of “what I value.” The key to a more harmonious future is to start focusing on values now instead of corralling your sacred cow.

Look to nature for a clue. The rigid branch of a tree is the one that snaps. It’s the bendable branch that shapes its future.

All the best,


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December 12, 2019

Letter To Santa

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Screenshot 2019 12 12 09 43 49Dear Santa,

It’s been a year since I’ve written. Hope you, Mrs. Claus, and the elves are enjoying the holiday season.

As always, I know you won’t be able to bring me everything on my list, but every effort will be appreciated.

These are the things I want the most:

🎄 Congress people who ask questions rather than pontificate during congressional hearings.

🎄 Bombas socks. They’re my favorite.

🎄 Less Christmas songs from artists I’ve never heard of.

🎄 No more vampire movies or ones with car chase scenes. Hasn’t that been done, Santa?

🎄 Proper use of the reflexive pronoun “Myself,” especially by athletes.

🎄 And finally, Santa, is it possible for me to never meet anyone who likes “Flo” in the Progressive Insurance commercials?

Thank you for all your consideration. I know there are some big “asks” in my letter this year and I perfectly understand if you can’t fill them.

Thank you and Merry Christmas,

(LJ) Little Johnny

P.S. Do you think you’ll be set up for texts by next Christmas?

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December 2, 2019

How To Stay Unhappy

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Christopher ryan cFDgleArETA unsplashAs we come upon the happy holiday season, we can easily glue ourselves to unhappiness. Here’s how: Justify your unhappiness.

There is no better way to stay unhappy than to list a stocking-full of reasons why you are that way.

Here’s a Christmas tip: Don’t put justifications in your letter to Santa. It’s a surefire way to get him to divert his sleigh from your chimney or doorway.

The removal of one word from your vocabulary will take your justifications down to a bare minimum: “Because.”

The minute you say I’m unhappy because . . . you are stickier than a dog slobbered candy cane.

“Because” is the gateway to justifications, and justifications will keep whatever is being justified in place.

So the formula for keeping the holidays unhappy is to defend your unhappiness.

I love the way Eckhart Tolle acknowledges unhappiness. He recommends saying the following to yourself: “I have unhappiness within me.” That gives the unhappy feeling the recognition it seeks. Once you recognize and just sit with the feeling, you begin the process of unjustified healing.

Why should you leave your justifications off your list? When you do, you weaken their glue and help prevent a “Christmas of Blue.”

All the best,


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