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This Week's Grasshopper Note

Rock Bottom - Grasshopper

I think we’ve all heard that some people have to hit rock bottom before they can rise again.  I’m sure you know folks who have made that transition. I’ve certainly seen my share of them.

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Who is the Grasshopper???

The Grasshopper is the knowing part of you that lets the truth slip out from time to time. Not the relevant truth but the truth that can only come from the one source of everything.

The Grasshopper imbues your mind with nips of nectar that thinking will never produce.

Grasshopper's messages have no agenda — just angles of perspective that seem to be blocked from our normal view.

Everyone owns a Grasshopper and on this site is a collection of his notes.

Grasshopper Notes deeply touch parts of you that have you see with more clarity and hear with more harmony.


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