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Who Interprets Grasshopper Notes?

The person who interprets the notes you see on is John Morgan — America’s Best Known Hypnotherapist. John has personally presented his life changing Smoking Cessation and Weight Loss Seminars to over a quarter million people.

John Morgan has a unique background that brings Hypnotic Magic to his presentations. John spent many years as an award winning radio and TV broadcaster where he honed his communications skills to a razor’s edge. He adapted those skills to the field of Hypnotherapy 30 years ago and has taken that science to a whole new level.

Spending just a few minutes with John, whether on DVD, CD, or in person, you will instantly feel a deep level of rapport. Suddenly you realize that you are in the company of someone who can help you make the changes you deserve.



“I can't begin to tell you how happy I've been with my results so far. I've lost 24 pounds and feel more relaxed than I've felt in years! I was skeptical . . . but I'm now a believer!” — Debbie M. Kansas City, MO

“My husband quit smoking after 35 years. I am so pleased and shocked. I don't know what you did but it worked.” — Julie R. Memphis, TN

“John, I never knew my imagination was so powerful to create confidence. I thought it was just for daydreaming. Was I wrong! Thank you for opening my eyes to the mental picture I was carrying around and thank you for taking me on a guided picture tour of my life. I’m like Tony the Tiger. I feel GRRREAT!!!” — Billy D. Biloxi, MS

“I had very low expectations about you being able to help me sleep because I had been to sleep clinics, psychiatrists, psychologists, and had used sleep inducing drugs — prescription and non-prescription — all to no avail. Your method is amazing. I haven’t taken a sleeping pill since and I sleep like a log now. God bless you.” — Sarah, Topeka, KS

“John, I found you on the internet after searching for a way to learn relaxation. Maybe it was fate that made me click on your ad because I can now chase away the woes of the world just by popping in your 2 Minutes CD. My body gets like cooked spaghetti and when I’m done listening, I feel new energy. I love this CD!” — Jason K. Patterson, NJ

“I’ve been playing “Army Golf” for 25 years. First I hit it left and then I hit it right. Now I hit it straighter than ever thanks to your Golf CD. The pro at my club recommended it because he improved his putting so much by listening. I’ve gotten more from your CD than I have ever gotten with private instruction. I now play the “mental game.” Thanks for such a wonderful training aid.” — Howard Scottsdale, AR

John Morgan is highly skilled in Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy, Conversational Hypnosis, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Other-Than-Conscious-Communication®, No Fault Psychology®, and his own creation — Accelerated Learning Hypnosis®. His amazing Hypnosis DVDs and CDs are sold around the world.

Visit his website at and find out how John can help you Change Now!

Imagine making changes that you thought were impossible by watching a DVD or listening to a CD. John’s Accelerated Learning Method of Hypnosis will get you into a frame of mind where you can make changes rapidly.

Who wants to be the next person to Change Now?

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