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October 6, 2008

What Song?

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I wonder what song you’ll be playing today. Will it be a golden oldie or something entirely new? Either way, will it be performed with the freshness of the moment?

We are like a musical instrument whose output is determined by which part of us is putting on the performance. What part of you will strum your strings today?

This is a sure bet; whatever comes out will have an effect on you and others. Will your performance inspire or make others want you to retire?

If you choose to play an old song, can you come up with a new twist – one that gets you and others to pay more attention?

When you don’t know exactly what song you will play or how you will improvise on a song you already know, you will have rapt attention. It’s a true reality event where no one knows what will happen. It’s in this reality that the creative process lives. Reminds me of an old story . . .

In 1962, I was watching Bandstand with Dick Clark interviewing singer, songwriter Neil Sedaka who was sitting at his piano. Sedaka is a graduate of the famed Juilliard School and is a highly trained musician. He had just performed his hit song “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do.” Clark asked him how his musical training had contributed to his songwriting skills. Sedaka answered musically by playing and singing the song he had just performed in a variety of different tempos and musical styles. It was quite extraordinary to see this person take the same material and reshape it in the moment. Interestingly enough, he rerecorded that up-tempo song as a ballad 14 years later and had another hit with it.

Resist the temptation to be a jukebox today, where people push your buttons, and you spin the same old song.

What fresh approach can you discover today? Can you interrupt the staleness of certainty from your life today and risk finding something worthwhile and new?

You can be the composer or the cover band. It’s really your choice.

Sing from the heart today and notice how many more people are listening.


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