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October 16, 2008

Wishing Well

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Are you wishing in the wrong well?           

Results depend on depth. The shallower the well, the quicker you hit bottom. Perhaps an explanation is in order . . .

Wishing is a function of our intellectual limitations. When our intellect can’t figure out how to get us what we want, we begin the shallow wishing process. This takes us on a circular journey. It’s like getting stuck on the beltway in Washington, DC with no possibility of finding an exit. The result is we stay in “Wishville.”

There is no action component to a wish and very little belief that it will actually happen.

The wish lives on one side of a continuum. On the other side is the firm belief that I have to have this desire or I won’t be able to breathe.

The firm belief will get you closer to your desire than a wish but the odds of fruition are still slim. There is a mental tug of war going on between a wish and a firm belief, which keeps the focus on struggle and in your head. It’s much like being on a perpetual, monastic diet. The battle is between wishing for less weight and having a firm belief you can get there if you use enough willpower to eat lettuce leaves and gluten free figs forever. Anyone who has struggled with their weight can easily appreciate this mental yo-yo.

The key to success is finding a deeper well with wider answers.

You only have to view one election season to realize the longer you debate the further away you are from your objective. The place to end the debate is in the deepest part of you where thoughts aren’t allowed.

Take all the wishing and hoping and firm beliefs and let them stay on the surface and make each other wrong, while you take a break and go deep into your well where the noise cannot be heard. It’s here that action plans begin to formulate, not as thoughts, but as merging, unspoken energies. This is the birthplace of certainty. When you emerge from your visit, the surface noise doesn’t affect you as much and you recognize it for what it truly is – a diversion. There is a feeling of calm and trust that the merging energies are leading you down a more productive path.

This isn’t a pocket full of fairy dust. It’s a strategy that, when practiced, will get you to where you want to go quicker with less bruising.

Certainty will not spring from your intellect. It will arrive there as a byproduct of the gushing energies that come from the stillness found at the deepest part of your well.

You have deep internal resources. Gain access to them on a regular basis and learn the true meaning of the phrase “I wish you well.”

All the best,


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