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October 9, 2008


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In the past, I have interviewed politicians from those running for dog catcher to a candidate running for President of the United States. My personal experience, after these encounters, is that most often I wanted to wash.

Campaigning is the part of the process that brings out the worst in politicians. They become walking talking points. There is no real conversation about substance. They continue to do this because, by and large, we have a low informed electorate that’s easily led by personality and pandering. Sad but true, there is a portion of the population that will vote only one way, even if their party nominated Attila the Hun. It’s an American Reality that could benefit by a dose of body awareness.

I’m not fond of most politicians based on my up-close, personal experience, yet I pay attention to the process. I have voted and not voted in elections. I have voted for Democrats, Republicans and Independents in spite of my dour opinion of most politicians.

If you are voting for President on Election Day, I have a suggestion:

Separately bring the candidates home for dinner. Imagine that you have the opportunity to prepare and serve them a meal, and then imagine sitting around the table afterward having an open, two-way discussion with them on the topics that are uppermost in your mind. After you bid them good night and are getting ready for bed, let go of everything they said and just feel their energy in your body – not their talking points – just their raw essence. Does that energy mesh with yours?

Don’t merely judge a candidate in your head; evaluate them in your body. It’s the most congruent way of voting I know of, and whether your candidate wins or loses, you will be at peace with your choice.


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