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October 20, 2008

Wired for Success

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I heard an expression on morning TV today that captured my attention – “Wired for success.”

This phrase is so telling about our patterns being the generator of behavior.

Many of our patterns we get by accident through social, cultural and parental conditioning. If we got productive patterns from our models, our chances for success are greater than those who had less than productive models to learn from.

Productive patterns wire us for success. Patterns are the foundation for all that we do.

Patterns, per se, don’t talk or justify, they cause us to act. If our actions are producing less than success, we have to examine and outgrow our patterns if we expect to change course.

Recognition is always the first step in change. When we recognize that what we routinely do is not working, we are at the doorstep of discovery with the option of opening a new door.

Justifying our failures is one of the most self-limiting things we can do. It keeps our wiring plugged into failure. The late Dr. Dave Dobson spoke of this phenomenon many years ago when he referenced an old telephone switchboard. He said imagine a call coming in for extension 302 and the operator accidentally plugging the cord into your extension of 203. You’re going to get an entirely different message than the one intended.

That’s the way patterns are. They don’t care where they get plugged in, they just deliver their message. If you’re receiving messages that don’t support your success, you would do well to examine what you’re plugged in to.

We are so caught up in the concept that we are what we think that we overlook the reality of, we are what we do. Legendary football coach, Bill Parcells says,

“You are what your record says you are.”

Justification is a losing strategy – a pattern that’s not working towards our success. Recognition is the fuse that leads to the explosive device known as action.

Whether your house is old or new, it pays to check the fuse box from time to time to make sure you’re wired for success.

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