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October 23, 2008


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In America, there seems to be an affinity for the underdog. The interesting thing is we root for the underdog but never want to be one. Given the choice, most people would prefer to be a leg up.

The victory usually comes down to odds. How long or short are the odds of winning? The longer the odds, the less chance there is for the underdog to put one in the win column.

The biggest fight most people have going on with themselves, which has ridiculously long, underdog odds, is being at war with the present moment.

We are mesmerized by the magic mirror of the mind that we can somehow convert lead into gold or turn fat into muscle. Lead is lead and fat is fat. Neither turns into something else. The present moment is the present moment. It’s not yesterday or 5 minutes from now.

When we fight with the reality of the present moment, we ratchet up the odds of remaining the underdog. This is a fight we cannot win. Someone has to throw in the towel for us because if they don’t our vision will be savagely punched shut by the crushing blows we continue to take by fighting with reality.

There is a more peaceful way of living our life and it’s as simple as this: Give up the fight.

Our presence of mind tosses in the white towel. It recognizes that its fighter is battered past recognition, can never win, and can only do more harm by staying in the fight. We all have presence of mind in our corner. We just have to empower it to act on our behalf. Give yourself the permission to allow your presence of mind to work for you when you find yourself fighting with the behemoth known as the present moment.

This moment is the only time you own. Your past is sold and gone and your future is on layaway. Take ownership of the present moment. Accept the reality it presents and discover how a cease fire leads to clearer vision and more options.

We can’t turn this moment into the next one by fighting with it. When we engage in this battle, we elongate the time frame of the moment we refuse to accept.

Acceptance is the catalyst to newer moments. When you deal with what’s currently right in front of you, it will naturally move off your list and make way for something new.

Have the presence of mind to accept the moment you are in. It’s the quickest way to unglue the denial that keeps us blindly swinging at an opponent we need to be our ally.

The present moment can be friend or foe. It’s really a choice you get to make every moment. How bruised and broken do you have to get to recognize that?

NOTE TO THE FEISTY: When you have the presence of mind to throw in the white towel, you are surrendering to the reality of the moment – nothing else. It’s the recognition of reality that offers the quickest path to move us from underdog to victor.

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