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October 10, 2008


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I was going through an old photo album the other day and saw a picture of myself at a Cub Scout banquet standing next to a woman who was the host for a local TV show. It got me to wondering about some of the things I used to do way back when. Perhaps some background would be helpful.

When I was a kid in Philadelphia, I used to watch a cartoon show called “Popeye Theatre,” hosted by a one-time stripper named Sally Starr. The show featured cartoons starring Popeye the Sailor who was famous for saying the phrase, “I am what I am.” It got me to wondering, “What if Popeye had a spiritual transformation, what would his new mantra be?”

After a moment, it came to me – “I am where I am.” It struck me as one of the most grounding and reality based phrases I could ever imagine.

Take a moment right now and say the phrase, “I am where I am” and let it sink in. Then notice what happens.

There may be other places you desire to be, but right now you are where you are. There is so much wrapped up in this new twist on Popeye’s declaration – acceptance, reality, presence and peace to name but a few. This realization chases denial out the door and focuses your awareness smack dab on where you are now.

There is something freeing about the truth, even if it’s not the truth you want to hear. “I am where I am” is the unadulterated truth. If it seems to be too simple to be helpful, say it again and notice the feelings it delivers in your body. “I am where I am.”

It has 24/7 applicability. If you’re stuck in traffic, use the new mantra “I am where I am” and notice your mind noise calm down. If you are struck with the thought “I’m in a dead end job,” use the new mantra, “I am where I am.” This isn’t a white flag of surrender, but a realization of the proximity of your presence. This realization keeps you from attempting to escape the moment by pretending or wishing it weren’t happening. By grounding yourself in the moment, you free your mind of the noise surrounding the phrase “I shouldn’t be here.”

From that quieter place comes the clarity that will guide you to a new “I am where I am.” If you continue to focus on what you don’t want, you are subject to the fate suggested by the biblical passage Job 3:25

“For what I fear comes upon me, and what I dread befalls me.”


Nothing is true because someone says it; it only becomes true when you experience it.

Experience “I am where I am” today and see how the recognition of reality can quiet your mind and open new doors.


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