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June 15, 2009


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The blank page is an invitation. “Welcome to my new home” it seems to say. And then it adds, “Please furnish and decorate me.”

We were all a proverbial blank page at one time and then we got decorated.

As the years pass, styles may change but we continue to display what was in vogue then. The only way we get into Architectural Digest
is to let them display our “after” as their “before.”

It’s hard for our intellect to comprehend that we are mentally the same age as the day a specific pattern formed. We recognize that we have physically aged, so that proves we’re no longer who we were then, except for the fact that a pattern gets locked in time.

Some call that immaturity; I view it as reality.

When you continually have the same response to the same stimulus, that should be your first indicator that the cycle had to begin somewhere. You weren’t born with it.

It had a beginning and that beginning, for the most part, doesn’t evolve. It’s like the insurance maxim my brother-in-law shared with me many years ago: “Some people in the insurance business have 25 years of experience repeating their first year over and over again.” The phenomenon is not isolated to insurance.

The hurts we’ve endured early in life often don’t evolve because we still experience them as we did at that age, and we respond just like we did then. That’s childishness and reality wrapped up together in an unevolved pattern.

The reason we act like children sometimes is because our pattern of behavior is that age.

Outgrowing or updating a pattern first and foremost needs the light of day known as recognition. We have to recognize that we are responding now as though we were back then. With that recognition in hand, we have an opportunity to evolve.

A powerful recognition question to ask is “Who’s responding, me or my history?”

Your history is a very powerful pattern that can keep you trapped in the past.

The old saying is profound: “If you don’t pay attention to history, it will repeat itself.”

Begin to recognize who is responding and you’ll have a much better chance of redecorating yourself to fit in with who you are today.

All the best,



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June 12, 2009

By Myself

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The most freeing moment in my life was when I discovered “I got here by myself.”

It was also a very sad moment.

It was sad because I had no one to pin the tail on the donkey on anymore. That’s a sobering realization. It all came together in a phrase for me a few years ago – “I created this.”

It’s very difficult to take responsibility for what we’ve created especially if it doesn’t match up with our hopes, dreams and aspirations.

It’s so easy to find someone to be your foil, your nemesis, fall guy, or scapegoat. It’s so easy to come up with the story and the facts and the figures that support your claim that it’s someone else’s doing, but at the end of the day it’s fictional no matter how factual.

If you just said, “But my story is different,” you are trapped in an excuse that will buffer you from finding your creativity.

The upside to the downside of “I created this” is the realization that you are a creator.

“If I created this, what else can I create that serves me better?” is the question you may want to ask in your moments of quiet reflection.

It’s a possibilities question that illuminates the way out of the victim box.

If you can adopt the idea that you have created everything that shows up in your life, you will begin to notice lights shining on paths that you’ve never noticed before. That’s the light of creativity encouraging you to take a walk.

If you hang on to the notion of being a victim of circumstances or worse, no amount of clapping will bring your Tinkerbelle light back and you will remain shuttered in impenetrable darkness.

Light only needs a tiny crack to shine through. Take a crack at pretending “I created this” and see what real light shows up.

All the best,



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June 11, 2009


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Quincy, M.E. was a popular TV show in the mid 70’s that introduced us to forensic pathology.

It showed how this forensic coroner from Los Angeles was actually a detective solving the mystery of people’s deaths. He would follow the clues the body left and come up with stunning conclusions that solved the case.

Seems we need a show about forensic Life-o-logy. It would not detail how we died, but how we stay stuck in this dead end. Life also leaves clues.

We didn’t get to this place by accident or serendipity. There is a trail of bread crumbs to follow that answers the question: “What rabbit hole did you fall down?”

On the surface, Life-o-logy would look like psychology, but it’s more profound than that. Psychology is wonderful in outlining the circumstances that lead to painting yourself in a corner, but our limiting behaviors are more complex than circumstances. It’s like James Allen told us over a hundred years ago, “Circumstances do not make the man, they reveal him.”

Allen went on to tell us in his seminal book, As a Man Thinketh, “He thinks in secret and it comes to pass: Environment is but his looking-glass.”

How we really got to this point is a secret, a mystery. It’s the secret of patterns and how they drive our behavior and don’t care about the reasons we make up for them. They will continue to run no matter how eloquent we are. They are not influenced by explanation, but we keep looking for one. Like Alice, we’re looking down the wrong hole for answers.

We want to explain and justify our patterned behavior. The more time you spend explaining, the darker the dead end gets and the further you are from a solution.

How often do you have to explain yourself? That’s a clue that you’re clueless.

You were chauffer driven to where you are by the patterns that are in the driver’s seat. Our Miss Daisy demands and explanations won’t do anything to change the location we’ve arrived at.

The excuse machine runs on nuclear power and is perpetually in motion. The bypass switch needs to be thrown in order to have a prayer of getting extricated from this dark place. (Think anal canal).

Here’s the clue that you’re on the right path. You start noticing that you are running a pattern of behavior. The minute you attempt to explain it away, blame it on circumstances or someone else, the deeper you will go into the mud. It’s your pattern that got you here, no one else’s.

Notice that you arrived at this dead end destination on purpose. It was the purpose of your conditioned patterns to bring you to where you are right now – not circumstances.

Noticing, taking responsibility for, interrupting and outgrowing your patterns, routines, and way of life is the only way out. When you begin to realize that you have been your own chauffer all along, it’s much easier to pilot yourself back to the highway.

All the best,


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June 10, 2009

Underwear Drawer

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Here’s a math quiz. Solve the following equations:

17 + 21 + 3 + 11 + 12 = ?

14 + 7 + 18 + 16 + 9 = ?

6 + 5 + 15 + 24 + 14 = ?

If you are impatient or math challenged, the answer to all three is 64.

Many people claim they are making changes in their lives by substituting different numbers in an equation that always add up to the same result.

It’s what I affectionately call “rearranging the underwear drawer.”

In this endeavor, nothing really ever gets changed, just moved around.

Here is the mindset that prevents people from changing. “I’m willing to change if I don’t have to change this.” More on “this” in a bit.

Change is non-negotiable. It’s either do or don’t do. We keep attempting to manipulate that reality to fit our unwillingness to follow the rule.

Your exception to the rule – your “this” – is the self imposed roadblock to change.

The sad truth I see is that people who don’t change don’t think they have to. It’s the hidden agenda of hubris that we “know better” than anyone else and the laws of the universe don’t apply to us.

It’s pure delusion and mental illness of the highest order.

Let me repeat this. People who don’t change don’t think they have to.

They keep moving numbers in and out of the equation, which gives the appearance of effort, but they are careful enough to manipulate the math so it always adds up to the same number, most often, until their number is up.

They talk a great game and they always disappoint. They can also be quite charming. You may expect the outward attitude of these folks to be over the top, but it oftentimes manifests as a quiet smugness. They believe they’re keeping it under wraps but it’s written on their forehead in magic marker for anyone who’s willing to pay attention.

The misguided belief they operate from is that everyone will eventually come around to their way of thinking. As my sainted mother used to say, “Don’t hold your hand on your ass waiting.”

Make no mistake. They own the patent on being right. Reminds me of a sad story . . .

One of my best friends growing up had this pattern of behavior. His “this” was that he never did anything wrong. He never thought there was anything to apologize for and he was as oppositional as they came when it came to taking any responsibility for what happened in his life. There was always a scapegoat he used as a mascot.

He piled on some more destructive behavior while serving in the military. When he was discharged, he came home and made his living robbing mail trucks looking for credit cards to use to support his drug habit. He spent time in prison. Then, as a “rehabilitated” 49 year old, he was shot dead while robbing a liquor store. He died being right.

What’s your “this”? It has to change if you’re going to change.

It’s like The Grasshopper said a long time ago. Some people would rather be right than happy.”

There is a trade off for being this right. You are left out. “No one understands me.” Yes they do. You just never listen to them because you “know better.”

It’s a pathetic place to live but you may as well buy furniture because you’re not moving anytime soon – not until “this” becomes “that.”

You can continue to tinker with the math but it will never add up to a workable answer until you outgrow your “this.”

The unspoken rule of people who don’t change is: I refuse to give up what I have in order to get what I tell people I want.

The hardest thing to change is something you don’t think needs changing. Or in the words of author, Julia Cameron, “Nothing dies harder than a bad idea.”

Dogs don’t recognize themselves in the mirror and neither do humans who continue to rearrange and dodge change.

All the best,



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June 9, 2009

Coin Toss

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The Grasshopper stopped me in my tracks when he delivered this piece of wisdom:

“The hardest person to help is someone who doesn’t think they’re in trouble.”

Most parents can tell when a child is moving along a path that’s not in their best interest – especially teens. The biggest frustration as a parent is not being able to communicate what you know from experience as wise counsel to someone who cannot envision a future past 5 minutes from now.

Somehow most of us get through that period by doing the best job we know how and manage to turn out solid citizens.

Oftentimes that teenage part of people doesn’t grow up and they remain unreachable because they have no sense of the troubled environment they live in.

Any physician, counselor, clergy member, family member or good friend will tell you the most exasperating situation to be in, is with a person who knows it all but knows nothing.

Reminds me of a story . . .

Many years ago I worked with a very brilliant man who was destroying his life through abusing himself. No one could reach him because he would only engage in the debate on the plane of words and ideas and never that of behavior. Truth be told, he was an arrogant ass, but one that was in trouble. This story doesn’t have a happy ending. He left our midst at an earlier age than his insurance policy expected because he refused to grow up.

Teenage years are for teenagers.

There is a difference between youthful exuberance and reckless behavior but many troubled adults have not parsed that difference. They have patterns that need updating. What to do?

The answer is: “I don’t know.”

Helping someone who doesn’t want help is swimming upstream. They’ve been offered the invitation to “go deeper” but have ignored it at every turn. Does this mean we stop sending out invites?

That’s an answer only you can come up with. My personal strategy is to continue making efforts but not the same ones that have failed in the past. Yet even if we are Edison-like in our ingenuity, we may never get them to see the light. Reminds me of another story . . .

Twenty some years ago Dr. Dave Dobson asked our class what we would do if we were piloting a plane heading for the ground at 500 MPH? We offered many different answers to his question, and our answers were always followed up with his next question: “What if it doesn’t work, then what would you do?” This went on and on until we ran out of answers. He then asked us in his Socratic method if we would like to know what the answer was. We all answered “Yes.” He said the answer to his follow-up question is, “Anything else.”

“Anything else” requires a lot more curiosity and tenacity than giving up. The only question you then have to ask is, “Is the person worth my continued effort?” Don’t be surprised if the answer is “No.”

Some people have to bump into every doorknob and bruise themselves mercilessly before they believe there is a doorway. It may not be in your best interest to walk every step of the way with them in that unlit “funhouse.”

Again, I don’t yet have an answer to this dilemma. I guess my purpose in writing about this conundrum is to point out there are two options you may not have considered – “Anything else” and “No.” It’s a toss-up.

Anybody got a lucky coin?

All the best,


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June 8, 2009

Nurture or Negation?

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Here’s a new turn to an old phrase: “Birds of a feather s**t together.”

Did you ever notice that some people surround themselves with people who give them an excuse to continue their behavior? The psychological community calls these surrounding folks “enablers.”

The person caught in a web of problematic behavior has little chance for escape while hanging out with enabling spiders.

Many years ago, I remember Harvey Diamond co-author of FIT FOR LIFE telling me that if you return to the conditions of health, watch your health return.

I recently read Dr. Bruce Lipton‘s THE BIOLOGY OF BELIEF where he addresses the same topic on a cellular level. He discovered during his cellular biology work that if you provide a nutrient rich environment to a sick cell, it returns to a healthy state.

The same formula applies to human behavior.

If you hang out with a pack of thieves, where is your focus? – On stealing.

Do the people you hang with allow you to get away with your debilitating behavior? You call them friends, but a person in this situation wouldn’t recognize a real friend if it handed them a business card. This environment will never return you to a condition of health – physical or otherwise.

People who make excuses for your behavior have their head somewhere where the light of day doesn’t shine. You may call this love, but I call it an assisted suicide on the installment plan.

The mirror is your physician. It won’t lie and it doesn’t airbrush. Take a good look, flaws and all and then step away and evaluate the environment that’s contributing to your situation.

Change your environment and you are at the doorstep of change.

This or any other message of change won’t reach a person unwilling to stop swimming in a cesspool.

“But sometimes it takes a gruff old son of a bitch like me to get your attention,” said the late Dr. Dave Dobson.

This is a gruff message that’s attempting to reach the insulated parts of us that need to hear it.

Does your surrounding environment nurture or negate you?

You already know the answer. The hope is that you give it before the test is over.

All the best,



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June 5, 2009


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I don’t know where I first heard it but someone asked, “Is your religion working for you?” He then went on to say, “If not, it’s time to get a new religion.”

Since you never talk about politics or religion in mixed company, let’s shift the topic to beliefs.

Religion is a formal set of stated beliefs. That’s pretty easy to understand. The same is true for a political position.

The sticky wicket is when we attempt to force feed our beliefs down someone’s throat or vice-versa.

My suggestion is simple. Before you attempt to jam what you know to be true, make sure it’s working for you.

If you examine your beliefs, you will find that most of them were never independently arrived at. You got them from someone else well before you even knew what a belief was. Your belief is somebody else’s belief. Think about this: Did you arrive at your pet prejudice on your own or did you have help?

The difficulty with unexamined beliefs is that many of us will stand on soap boxes and shout our beliefs and never notice that our pointing finger is unwashed.

No one is without sin. We all do it. It’s just a matter of degree.

The question you may want to ask is: “To what degree are my beliefs standing in my way?”

Some beliefs are harmless. Maybe salt water does cure everything as my mother would say as she encouraged us to bathe a wound in the ocean. Early signs of the “Placebo Effect”?

Other beliefs just keep us stuck and sometimes we attempt to stick everyone within earshot with our syringe full of syllogisms without testing them out first.

This doesn’t have to be a final examination. Start with a pop quiz and find a minor belief that isn’t working for you and notice it in action. Don’t attempt to change it, just watch yourself execute the behavior associated with the belief.

When you begin to notice your beliefs, they will either stand up to scrutiny or they won’t. Shedding light on our beliefs has the ones that truly don’t work head for the cover of darkness – the only place from which they can operate.

If your belief can’t stand up to the light of day, you can be sure it’s one that’s standing in your way.

How honest can you be with yourself? Your degree of honesty will determine how much longer your stay in the dark will be.

Anybody got a match?

All the best,


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June 4, 2009


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The Grasshopper was humming this nugget of wisdom this morning:

“Hope without dare remains an unfulfilled wish.”

What we hope for is easily recognized. What we dare to do to fulfill that hope is the catalyst that makes it happen.

Hope is a framework for action to take place.

Dare is the missing ingredient in unrequited hopes.

The flamboyant and very successful business consultant and abrupt philosopher, Fernando Flores says, “Hope is the raw material for losers.”

His mantra wouldn’t garner as much attention if he soft pedaled it by saying, “Hope, alone, is the raw material for people who do not get what they want,” but that would be closer to the truth.

Hope by itself remains inert.

Hopes will remain hopes without daring to take action.

President Obama’s book is called The Audacity of Hope. The title is deceiving. If you read through its pages, you will find the content suggests the “Audicity of Action.”

Reminds me of a story . . .

At every seminar I have ever conducted, I have heard this phrase: “I hope this works for me.” I don’t respond to it every time but one of the responses that just came out one night was in the form of a question. I asked, “If you hope in one hand and spit in the other hand, which hand will fill up first?”

Hopes and aspirations are essential prerequisites for fulfilling life’s dreams. If you stop there, without dare, you remain hopeless.

I double dare you to act on your hopes.

All the best,



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June 3, 2009


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Here is a memorable quote from St. Augustine:

“The world is a book and those who do not travel, read only a page.”

I’m sure that’s a great marketing message for a travel agency but I’m wondering if it has a deeper implication.

When we cover the same route day after day, I’m not sure that’s traveling in the deepest sense. We are creatures of patterns and if we examine them closely, we find we only use a handful of them to move through our life. We don’t push past the tried and true. That’s not travelling; that’s treadmilling.

Our patterns get us to do the same things over and over again whether we consciously want to or not. This keeps us covering the same territory day after day, and we arrive at the conclusion that branching out is only for other people. That’s a mindset that will have you read the same page over and over again.

How do we travel past what is holding us in place?


Notice that you are the cause of your own inertia. Notice that you are no different than a rat running a maze to find the same old moldy cheese. The time to notice is when you are in the middle of the pattern you are about to execute for the zillionth time.

Noticing is an art and it’s also a science.

The art is picking the precise time to notice and the science is the measurable change that will take place.

Reminds me of one of my favorite stories . . .

I grew up in Philadelphia, PA and like many people around the country, Philadelphians have a unique pattern of speech. I was working in broadcasting at a radio station in St. Louis and my program director noticed I had an interesting way of saying the word “water.” People in Philadelphia say “wooder.” I had no idea I was saying it any different than he was. He took me into one of the recording studios and had both of us record the word. After a few playbacks of the tapes, I got it that I had a pattern of speech that was different than his and, in this case, not working for me.

I became aware of the pattern. That was not enough. I practiced saying “water” the way he said it over and over and it wasn’t getting me any results. When I got into my unguarded conversational mode, the pronunciation of “wooder” would come out. I was frustrated. I wanted to sound more professional but my strategy was not working. Then I accidentally discovered what, I learned many years later, is a method for outgrowing an old pattern.

The change began when I became aware of the pattern while it was happening. I remember saying something like “It’s a pretty hot day out there today. Make sure to drink plenty of “wood,” uh drink plenty of water.” I caught myself running the pattern and interrupted it in midstream. From that point forward, every time I started to say “wooder,” I would interrupt myself and say “water.” It didn’t take too long for the complete change to take place. The only time I ever say “wooder” is to tell this story.

When you notice that you’re running a pattern that’s keeping you in place, interrupt it in midstream. That’s the art. Continue to do it every time you notice the outdated pattern beginning to run. The science is working in the background. It seems like magic, but it’s science. You begin the process of updating an old pattern by interrupting it and allowing your mind to come up with a new pattern. In my case I knew what the desired new pattern was. It’s not necessary to know the new pattern. Trust that your mind will create a beneficial new one to take the old one’s place. That’s the science.

If you’re travelling in circles, it’s time to start noticing and interrupting. This strategy will help you turn the page.

All the best,


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June 2, 2009

Crystal Ball

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The Grasshopper dropped by for a brief visit this morning and left this nip of nectar:

“Your future will be the offspring of what you’re doing now. What seeds are you sowing now?”

All the best,



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