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June 3, 2009


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Here is a memorable quote from St. Augustine:

“The world is a book and those who do not travel, read only a page.”

I’m sure that’s a great marketing message for a travel agency but I’m wondering if it has a deeper implication.

When we cover the same route day after day, I’m not sure that’s traveling in the deepest sense. We are creatures of patterns and if we examine them closely, we find we only use a handful of them to move through our life. We don’t push past the tried and true. That’s not travelling; that’s treadmilling.

Our patterns get us to do the same things over and over again whether we consciously want to or not. This keeps us covering the same territory day after day, and we arrive at the conclusion that branching out is only for other people. That’s a mindset that will have you read the same page over and over again.

How do we travel past what is holding us in place?


Notice that you are the cause of your own inertia. Notice that you are no different than a rat running a maze to find the same old moldy cheese. The time to notice is when you are in the middle of the pattern you are about to execute for the zillionth time.

Noticing is an art and it’s also a science.

The art is picking the precise time to notice and the science is the measurable change that will take place.

Reminds me of one of my favorite stories . . .

I grew up in Philadelphia, PA and like many people around the country, Philadelphians have a unique pattern of speech. I was working in broadcasting at a radio station in St. Louis and my program director noticed I had an interesting way of saying the word “water.” People in Philadelphia say “wooder.” I had no idea I was saying it any different than he was. He took me into one of the recording studios and had both of us record the word. After a few playbacks of the tapes, I got it that I had a pattern of speech that was different than his and, in this case, not working for me.

I became aware of the pattern. That was not enough. I practiced saying “water” the way he said it over and over and it wasn’t getting me any results. When I got into my unguarded conversational mode, the pronunciation of “wooder” would come out. I was frustrated. I wanted to sound more professional but my strategy was not working. Then I accidentally discovered what, I learned many years later, is a method for outgrowing an old pattern.

The change began when I became aware of the pattern while it was happening. I remember saying something like “It’s a pretty hot day out there today. Make sure to drink plenty of “wood,” uh drink plenty of water.” I caught myself running the pattern and interrupted it in midstream. From that point forward, every time I started to say “wooder,” I would interrupt myself and say “water.” It didn’t take too long for the complete change to take place. The only time I ever say “wooder” is to tell this story.

When you notice that you’re running a pattern that’s keeping you in place, interrupt it in midstream. That’s the art. Continue to do it every time you notice the outdated pattern beginning to run. The science is working in the background. It seems like magic, but it’s science. You begin the process of updating an old pattern by interrupting it and allowing your mind to come up with a new pattern. In my case I knew what the desired new pattern was. It’s not necessary to know the new pattern. Trust that your mind will create a beneficial new one to take the old one’s place. That’s the science.

If you’re travelling in circles, it’s time to start noticing and interrupting. This strategy will help you turn the page.

All the best,


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