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June 12, 2009

By Myself

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The most freeing moment in my life was when I discovered “I got here by myself.”

It was also a very sad moment.

It was sad because I had no one to pin the tail on the donkey on anymore. That’s a sobering realization. It all came together in a phrase for me a few years ago – “I created this.”

It’s very difficult to take responsibility for what we’ve created especially if it doesn’t match up with our hopes, dreams and aspirations.

It’s so easy to find someone to be your foil, your nemesis, fall guy, or scapegoat. It’s so easy to come up with the story and the facts and the figures that support your claim that it’s someone else’s doing, but at the end of the day it’s fictional no matter how factual.

If you just said, “But my story is different,” you are trapped in an excuse that will buffer you from finding your creativity.

The upside to the downside of “I created this” is the realization that you are a creator.

“If I created this, what else can I create that serves me better?” is the question you may want to ask in your moments of quiet reflection.

It’s a possibilities question that illuminates the way out of the victim box.

If you can adopt the idea that you have created everything that shows up in your life, you will begin to notice lights shining on paths that you’ve never noticed before. That’s the light of creativity encouraging you to take a walk.

If you hang on to the notion of being a victim of circumstances or worse, no amount of clapping will bring your Tinkerbelle light back and you will remain shuttered in impenetrable darkness.

Light only needs a tiny crack to shine through. Take a crack at pretending “I created this” and see what real light shows up.

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