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June 19, 2009


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It’s a pretty bold statement to make but there is no such thing as self improvement.

The self is perfect; therefore any attempt at improvement would be futile.

It really comes down to which self you are talking about – the facade or the foundation.

There are people who decorate the outside of the home so that it’s beautiful and inviting looking. The lawn is manicured, the flowers bloom on a time schedule, the siding is maintained, the paint is fresh, and the outdoor brass is polished. Anyone looking at this home from this vantage point is quite impressed.

If they go inside, it may be another story. The house could be in disarray and falling apart.

Taking care of the outside only is traditional self-improvement. We look good to anyone who takes a cursory look at us. If we let them behind the curtain, they may get a different perspective. If we only take care of the outside, any improvements we make are superficial rather than structural.

It’s sort of like a Hollywood movie set – all storefronts and no store.

Which house will serve you better, the one with new windows or the one free of termites? “New windows” is the more popular answer but it does little to improve your overall situation.

The inside is our mindset. The facade mindset has been conditioned to put on a grand show for others to see and then go home and wallow in the gloomy, dilapidated dark.

The key to self-improvement is to have your mindset remodeled so that the inner and the outer are just as impressive. How do you begin the process?

You have to find your interior designer – your perfect self.

Here’s the first tip in finding your interior designer: They only appear when you shut up.

If you are telling yourself how to refurbish and decorate, you’re like a weekend golfer telling Tiger Woods how to improve his game. Be quiet and learn!

It’s productive to ask “how to” questions of your interior designer, but stop telling them how to do their job. “If you give me more confidence, then I would be perfect” is a demonstration of meddling. It’s better to ask, “How can I improve that serves me best?”

Allow that answer to bubble up during your moments of quiet reflection. The answer comes into a less cluttered mind and has room to breathe. Your mindset improves and your external actions become more focused.

If you’re seeking improvement, ask an expert – your perfect self.

Just don’t be too surprised if you get a blueprint that doesn’t look anything like the one you designed.

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