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June 23, 2009


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Upon awakening this morning, my first thought came from The Grasshopper, which I promptly recorded in my Grasshopper Journal. He said:

“Most need a shake to become awake.”

He was referring to more than alarm clocks and pestering.

Awake in this context is noticing that you’ve been asleep.

Some of us never notice until we have a startling event happen in our lives – a personal alarm.

The severity of the shock can cause us to become present to that which has remained hidden – our unglimpsed nature.

We get flashes of it along the way but most of us never seek it out because we are too busy doing “important” things.

It’s not until things become unimportant that we get a real good look at this part of us that is our driving force. You can call it Divinity, God, Animating Intelligence, or Mother Nature. The name is unimportant; the noticing is.

When reality gives you a shake, it’s an opportunity to become awake.

Many when presented with this crossroads of life go into a deeper sleep. We are presented with yet another crossroads if we choose to slumber. We can either hide from the world so it no longer can hurt us, or we can set out to conquer the world and show it who is boss. Both options keep us groggy.

A shake can serve as an invitation to go deeper, or an urging to seek more control over life. Those who follow the circular path of control keep coming back to the same crossroads.

The clue that you are awakening is when you get the gift of awareness that control is a dead end. Hiding from life is the illusion of control; Attempting to capture life in a jar and bending it to our whims is control’s evil stepsister. Both keep us sleepwalking in circles.

The quake to awake is ever present. We just have to notice that it’s a doorway to discovery.

If you have been shaken, it may be time to wake up.

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