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June 26, 2009

The Reason

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“The reason for unhappiness is the cause of continuing misery.” So said THE GRASSHOPPER during a recent visit.

Notice that we are always unhappy for a reason. That’s a myth. We are unhappy and then we find a reason; that’s reality.

The myth behind your misery is easy to find. Just fill in one blank. “I am unhappy because (your answer).”

I’m sure your answer is reasonable. They always are.

It’s the reason that continues to fuel feeling unhappy. The longer you hang on to the reason, the longer you remain unhappy.

Just notice that unhappiness shows up and then we attempt to find a reason. The more convincing we can make the reason, the more we experience unhappiness.

The reason is the roadblock to happiness.

Everyone feels unhappiness. It’s a state of internal unrest. You wouldn’t be human if you didn’t experience unhappiness. That being said, it’s time to claim ownership of our unhappiness instead of pretending we’re renting it from an evil slumlord – reason.

When people get to the border of recognizing that they own their unhappiness, they take a step back and justify it – another reason. They fight to retain their unhappiness. It’s called arguing for your limitations.

Are you justifying your unhappiness? If so, it will take a lot longer to feel happiness again.

I’m remembering the declaration that Eckhart Tolle offers: “I have unhappiness inside of me.”

That’s stating a condition of fact. It can be verified by the feelings you are experiencing. Adding to them by piling on reasons makes it a heavy weight to get out from under.

Release your reasons and you’ll have a clearer path to happiness. Remove the word “because” from your unhappiness and it will be a quicker transition.

Does that sound reasonable?

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