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June 4, 2009


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The Grasshopper was humming this nugget of wisdom this morning:

“Hope without dare remains an unfulfilled wish.”

What we hope for is easily recognized. What we dare to do to fulfill that hope is the catalyst that makes it happen.

Hope is a framework for action to take place.

Dare is the missing ingredient in unrequited hopes.

The flamboyant and very successful business consultant and abrupt philosopher, Fernando Flores says, “Hope is the raw material for losers.”

His mantra wouldn’t garner as much attention if he soft pedaled it by saying, “Hope, alone, is the raw material for people who do not get what they want,” but that would be closer to the truth.

Hope by itself remains inert.

Hopes will remain hopes without daring to take action.

President Obama’s book is called The Audacity of Hope. The title is deceiving. If you read through its pages, you will find the content suggests the “Audicity of Action.”

Reminds me of a story . . .

At every seminar I have ever conducted, I have heard this phrase: “I hope this works for me.” I don’t respond to it every time but one of the responses that just came out one night was in the form of a question. I asked, “If you hope in one hand and spit in the other hand, which hand will fill up first?”

Hopes and aspirations are essential prerequisites for fulfilling life’s dreams. If you stop there, without dare, you remain hopeless.

I double dare you to act on your hopes.

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