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June 1, 2009

Hard To Get

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It was late last night when The Grasshopper visited and offered these words:

“It’s hard to get what you want when what you want doesn’t exist.”

I had to sleep on that.

It occurred to me that lifetimes are spent chasing things that don’t exist. It’s easy to laugh at Don Quixote‘s imaginings as he “tilts at windmills.” It’s not as funny when we find ourselves fighting with life to obtain that which doesn’t exist.

When I ask people what they want, one of the stock answers is “I want to be happy.” Happy is a mindset, not a person, a place or a set of circumstances. When we seek happiness as a perpetual state, we will be disappointed on two fronts.

Firstly, everlasting happiness doesn’t exist. No human being has it. If someone is trying to sell you that notion, run away as fast as you can. Secondly, the person, place or thing we seek to be happy is in a future environment – a place that doesn’t exist now. We pretend that environment has to be in place before we can be happy. We’ve set it up that happiness is always a carrot stick away. Happiness can be present in any environment. We just have to notice and decide if we want to let it in.

But let’s not stop at happiness. Are you looking for a pain free life? It doesn’t exist. How about a life without challenges or change? That’s also non-existent.

It can even be more subtle than the scenarios I’ve outlined. You may be looking for something that culture has convinced you that does exist, but you can’t find it out there. It usually falls into the category of a verb that has been changed to a noun – fulfillment, satisfaction, security, etc. You keep looking but you are always thwarted in your efforts. “If I didn’t have bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all” seems to be the mantra of the seeker of that which doesn’t exist.

We rarely take the time to reflect on whether what we have been conditioned to want even exists. We go on a grand treasure hunt without a map, but more sadly, without a pot of gold at the end of the airbrushed rainbow. It would be like dedicating your life to finding the contents of Al Capone‘s hidden safe and finally finding out there was nothing in there.

What a waste.

What are you chasing? Does it exist?

Just look at your life and look at what you’ve been chasing. If it hasn’t shown up yet, there is a high probability that it doesn’t exist.

It’s time to just STOP!

Stop chasing the horizon. Stand and enjoy the sunrise or sunset. You can appreciate it from any vantage point now. If you could get there, you’d burn up in the process. If you’re chasing what doesn’t exist, you are expending all your energy and getting no return on investment. Just STOP Now!

Spend some time alone. Find yourself. You exist. You are more of a treasure than anything you’ve been chasing. It takes great courage to find out that you are your own reward. Step in that direction – the one that brings you home to you.

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