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April 27, 2009

Waiting – Creating

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How much of our lives do we spend waiting? I’m not addressing the “standing in line at the deli” waiting, but “waiting for something to happen” waiting.

The Grasshopper hopped out of the tall grass with this today:

“If you are waiting for something to happen, you’ll be left at the altar.”

“I can’t wait until the weekend gets here” is sure to cement your current mindset in place because your focus is on waiting. Whatever mindset you focus on, you’ll get more of. Waiting is a global pastime that has no upside.

“When” is the operative word of the person caught up in waiting. “When I have enough money, when the kids are grown, when I get a better job, when I hit the lottery, when the mountain comes to Muhammed” are the tactics we use to ignore the action that’s always going on around us.

When is always now. Now is the only moment that action can take place. Waiting begets waiting as we attempt to push action aside and miss the ride. Watch two passengers travelling in a car. One may be observing all that is available for view and the other is in their head cooking up another mental stew. Which one do you think is waiting?

The remedy for waiting is noticing what’s actually going on. Each moment you are focused on what’s right in front of you is one less moment you will spend waiting. It’s a formula that always works but like all formulas, you have to work at it to get results.

Now let’s move to creating.

Are you a consumer or a creator? We are actually both. If you are an exclusive consumer, you’ll always wait to be fulfilled, entertained or dazzled by someone or something out there. This usually leads to overindulgence, being unfulfilled, and the constant need to be entertained. You have ceded your creativity. You become, as Julia Cameron describes in her book The Artist’s Way, a “shadow artist.” That means you sit in the shadow of someone else’s creativity believing you have none of your own and you pay a price.

We are all co-creators. When we let the animating force of life do its job, we cannot help but create. What stops us? – getting stuck in our head with the thought that creativity is for people more talented than us. That’s hogwash to the highest power.

There will always be people with more talent than we have but that is no excuse to keep your creativity bottled up. It’s dying to pop that cork and you don’t have to wait until New Year’s Eve to do it.

When you give up your creativity, you are waiting to die. Everyone is creative at every age. There is no age bias for creativity. It’s available at all time, we just have to know it’s there and use it.

Creativity gets your life force flowing again. It gets stuck behind a dam when we only consume and need to be entertained.

The game of Monopoly best sums up today’s blog post. The game of life, as well as Monopoly, is always won by the person who takes action and creates. The loser is always waiting for something good to happen.

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