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April 23, 2009


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Are you strumming or are you being strummed?

Best I can tell, we are being played, but we think we are doing the playing. We are creatures of learned patterns. They control us; we don’t control them.

Once we recognize that, it brings us to one of life’s biggest missions – that it’s our destiny to notice the illusion of control in this lifetime.

The only “control” we have over anything is our ability to notice. Once we lock in on that skill, the illusion of control begins to melt and fade away. This experience is scarier and more fun than your favorite thrill ride.

It’s my new favorite source of amusement – noticing that I think I have any control. I have trained myself to laugh at such a notion when I get caught up thinking that I run the universe. There are so many examples to witness in yourself and others that you’ll never run out of amusement.

Back to patterns . . .

We have learned so many automated routines in our lifetime and we just don’t notice that we’re on automatic pilot. The biggest clues of the automaticity we operate with are the justifications we use to defend our actions. “I did that because . . .” has to become “I did that” before we have any chance of noticing our patterns.

Start to notice what you do and put an end to justifying why. It sucks the gray out of black and white and helps you to become clear on how your patterns operate.

Once you notice that you just do, the patterns of thinking and behavior behind the doing begin to show themselves. You begin to see your conditioning and you quickly learn that you’ve been living your life in reaction mode with absolutely no control.

Noticing is the magic elixir to outgrow patterns and rid ourselves of the notion that we control anything.

Each time we notice a pattern in action, it’s an invitation and an opportunity to learn something new. We broaden our choices when we recognize patterns. Before, we only had one choice. Now we have untold options.

We don’t have any more control, but we become less controlled and controlling just by noticing.

Noticing is the key to finding out about you. Who doesn’t want to know more about themselves?

The real discovery is that you notice that control is a pattern – one that’s been running you. By noticing, you find something more real than control – the option of choice.

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