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April 7, 2009


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Helping people comes down to this: Helping them discover more options. It’s really that basic.

What is being stuck other than a lack of options?

People who are “set in their ways” are stuck – stuck with one option.

People who abuse themselves or others are short on options.

People who make the same mistakes over and over again are blind to options.

How do we find these options that we don’t currently have?

The first step is to know they are there, somewhere.

The main difficulty is that so many of us have convinced ourselves that options are not available that we stop looking. Imagine if you took that approach every time you lost your car keys.

Reminds me of a story . . .

Many years ago I wanted to take my family to Disney World on a vacation. I couldn’t afford it, or so I was convinced. I was resigned to spending the week at home doing day trips to the beach and other local attractions. That was certainly family oriented and affordable, but it wasn’t Disney. I roughly knew what the day trips would cost and it fit in with our budget. I don’t know what possessed me to take this next step but I just dropped in on a local travel agent and asked about pricing for a trip to Disney World. I knew I would leave her office disappointed.

Imagine my surprise when I found out the vacation to Disney World would cost me the same amount that I would be spending on my local family vacation. 1984’s Disney visit is a grand family memory that lives on with each of us ’til this day. It came about because I explored options.

Options open doors.

The deeper discovery is finding that we have internal options. There are parts of us that know how to do things that we cannot consciously figure out. How do we get access to those options? The same way we do with external ones – know they are there, somewhere.

It may take some pretending to kick start the options machine but bear in mind the memorable aphorism that Wayne Dyer offers –”Imagination is the force of creation.”

The key is to act “as if” there are options. Just this small adjustment in your angle of approach presents doorknobs that heretofore were invisible.

Try on these two phrases and notice what feelings they produce in your body.

“There’s nothing I can do.”

“I wonder if there is a way to accomplish this?”

One will cause constriction; the other openness.

Constriction will keep you stuck; Openness will present options.

Make time today to open up to options and discover possibilities that you thought were impossible.

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