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April 9, 2009

Parallel Pals

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If you’ve ever seen a movie made, you will notice that shots are filmed out of sequence. There are a variety of reasons it’s done this way – weather, season, actor availability, location, etc. For example if sunny weather is needed for a beach scene and it’s raining, they will film indoors that day making use of the time.

The final edit of the movie is assembled in sequence so that there is a storyline that’s easy to follow.

The movie of our life seems to be shot in sequence. One thing seems to follow another but just maybe, it was edited to look sequential.

Maybe there is no sequence at all. Perhaps it all happens all at once but our logic machine makes it appear as though it moves from left to right along one plane.

I was talking with my friend, Hali about parallel universes the other day. There is a book we both read many years ago called “Seth Speaks.” It suggests we lead simultaneous lives in parallel universes. For example, you may have been engaged to be married to someone and broke it off and married someone else. In Seth’s parallel universe, you went on to marry that first person and had whatever life you had together while also being married to someone else in this universe with a totally separate life.

The parallel “you” may have taken many job offers in other parts of the country while the “you” you’re aware of, stayed home in this universe and spent 45 years working for a local company.

If nothing else, it’s fun to think about. But what if it’s true or we pretend it to be true? What if every time we came to a crossroads in life we went in all directions? How could we use it to our best advantage here and now?

Let’s pretend that you are stuck in a certain unpleasant situation. You’ve looked for all the remedies to remove the glue, but you’re still stuck. What to do?

Consult your Parallel Pals.

Who knows you any better than you? One of your parallel pals, that’s who!

If you are living many lives at once, it’s a pretty sure bet that an alternate you has amassed a truckload of experience that you don’t own. It’s time to cash in on their experience.

Here is an exercise you can play with. Call a meeting of all your parallel pals – parts of you that went on to do other things and live other lives. Gather in a room where you present your current dilemma. Ask each of your pals for a solution to your problem. Envision one of them writing down all the brainstormed ideas that are offered. Ask questions and listen to all the answers without judgement. Then, when the meeting is over, just let the offered ideas settle.

Something will pop as a result of this meeting. It may be an hour or two days later, but something will emerge that makes sense to take action on.

The good news is you don’t have to let anyone know you’re crazy. You can privately hold these meetings anytime you want to and no one has to know how you’re beginning to move through life more fluidly, unless you tell them.

Remember the reality of brainstorming: It’s usually the crazy idea that spurs you on to the creative solution.

Here’s my suggestion: Set your beliefs aside for a moment and entertain the crazy notion of parallel pals. It may just open the door to a whole new world.

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