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April 14, 2009


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I used to follow a local band during my dancin’, prancin’ and romancin’ years called the Kit Kats. They were an excellent Philadelphia cover band that made a minor splash on the national charts. What I really liked about them was their song versatility.

I remember when they were the entertainment at Christmas time at a club in South Philadelphia and did their version of “My Favorite Things” and the people loved it.

It got me to thinking about favorites.

Facebook is loaded with favorites – favorite movies, favorite athletes, favorite songs, favorite everything. I thought I would list a few of my favorite things and see if you can relate.

CHARACTER – I wrote a blog post on this topic over a year ago that you may enjoy. Character to me is something you cannot buy. It’s something that you develop, or more to the point, release from inside of you. To me it’s the one underlying thing that all people have access to but it remains a rarity in our culture. Possibly that’s why it’s so precious to me because it’s in such short supply. I flock like a moth to a light bulb when I witness character.

PASSION – This is like an addictive drug for me. When I witness passion in someone, it lights a fire within me that’s hard to describe. Passionate people are my idols. When I see them get absorbed in whatever they are passionate about, I recognize their connection to the one creative force we all have access to. It gets one to wonder: What am I passionate about?

BIRTHDAYS – Everyone’s got one but I’m not sure many have a full appreciation for them. To me, a birthday is a day to celebrate the uniqueness that you’ve developed over the years, and to celebrate your unique contribution to life. Everyone is good at something. What is your special gift? Make sure to celebrate it often, and especially on your birthday, because no one else has it to offer but you.

GOOFY DOGS – I will stop and pet a strange dog if it’s goofy. Goofy to me is a tail wagging, not a care in the world creature that gives you its full attention for just a little bit of fussing – a friendly tone of voice, a pat on the head or a scratch on a belly. We can learn a lot from dogs. Reminds me of the cruise ship comedian’s joke about loyalty . . .

If you want to know who’s more loyal, put your spouse and your dog in the trunk of a car for half an hour. Then open the trunk and find out who’s glad to see you.

GOT YOUR BACK – This one is hard to define but immediately recognizable when you experience it. The best example I can offer is a mother hen. There is nothing going to happen to her offspring while she has the ability to cluck. When you have the feeling that someone’s got your back, it is one of the most freeing feelings a human being can experience. If you’re in a relationship, this is the one commodity that will keep you bonded when things become unglued. If you find someone who’s got your back, return the favor and you’ll continue to savor this magic elixir.

KEEPING PROMISESWerner Erhard, the man who pioneered est, made one of my favorite observances when he said, “The reason life doesn’t work is because people don’t keep their agreements.” It’s hard to find a counter-example to his pronouncement. Just look how life situations break down when you don’t do what you say you will do. It ranges from your agreements with a contractor, your employer, your spouse, your constituents – everyone. Adopt this practice and watch your life work more smoothly. If you tell someone you’re going to do something, make sure that only an act of God or a faulty memory will keep it from happening. I can imagine the late attorney, Johnnie Cochran saying, “Don’t commit until it’s legit.”

I have many others, one of which I wrote about yesterday – CONSISTENCY.

Thank you for allowing me to offer some of my favorite things to you. I trust you have your own favorites. It just may prove valuable to write them down because I believe it will provide you with more insight about what you hold dear.

All the best,


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