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April 21, 2009


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The other day I noticed that the words “Scared” and “Sacred” have the exact same letters. It got me to wondering.

My thought process went something like this . . . the ego is always scared and runs from anything that suggests its demise. When we find a sacred place within, there is no room in there for our ego and it will do anything to keep us from going where it doesn’t exist.

It’s like the story Jerry Stocking tells of the manager who won’t hire the efficiency expert because he fears if there are no problems to manage, there is no need for a manager.

There is a sacred place we can all visit. Everyone has a membership card. You just have to use it.

Your ego will tell you that sacred is too touchy-feely for you because it’s scared you will leave its sphere of influence. This is certain death for the ego and it will wage a holy war to keep you on the battlefield. The last thing ego wants is for you to find a bunker of solace. It’s scared that you will find that the war it wages everyday is not necessary and it will be harder to get you to fight all those nasty others.

When you find your sacred place, you find the communal well that we all drink from and you find the commonality that we all share – life.

The ego is scared that you will find out that the other is you, just inside another skin. It’s hard to convince you to wage war against yourself, but that is what the ego attempts – every day!

When you discover your sacred place, the ego’s war is not an option. There are no words in your sacred place, so there is no war of words in there either. It’s a safe haven where you can’t be bullied and you fell no need to strike out at others.

The best news is this sacred feeling follows you back into the scary world and you’re not as frightened as you once were. Each visit leaves you less scared and able to live life without looking over your shoulder.

The more often you visit your sacred place, the less scared you feel.

If you don’t think this sacred place exists, you have been dutifully scared by your ego. Just one sip from the sacred well will keep you coming back for more.

How do you find your sacred place? The first step is to know it’s there. Then, as if by magic, your personal pathway becomes clear, to the sacred place of no fear.

I wonder how soon you’ll take the time to rearrange “Scared” into “Sacred.”

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