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August 25, 2009


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I wonder what allows us to easily see the most advantageous routes around roadblocks that others bump into. I wonder even more about our blind spot to these routes when we hit our own personal roadblocks.

Yesterday, I was talking with a young woman on the phone and she began offering me some personal information about her pending life choices. She was genuinely bewildered by them. I asked her what she wanted and she outlined 3 things. I listened very carefully to her answers, not so much to the words, but the “juice” behind them.

She was stuck behind a roadblock and couldn’t decide which route to take. I’m curious if you ever noticed that “Stuck” and “Suck” are interchangeable.

I really didn’t need to hear her choices spelled out, only the energy behind them. When I listened to her first choice, which was the one she was giving the most credence to, it was logically plausible but devoid of oomph. Her second had a bit more vigor behind it. Her third choice had enough power to light a big city. Reminds me of a story . . .

Many years ago I was interviewing for a broadcasting job in radio. I was sitting with the program director in his office when an intern popped in unannounced. The program director said he was in the middle of a meeting and the intern apologized and said he just wanted him to listen to a commercial he had recorded. The program director looked my way and I said it was OK with me.

He put the commercial in a tape player and we listened to a 30 second commercial for Schmidt’s Beer. The intern was looking for feedback on how well he did. The program director then said something profound. “You said all the words right, but I wonder how much better it would sound if you gave a bit more emphasis to the words ‘Cold and Frosty’ when describing enjoying that beer.”

It was eye opening for the intern and for me as well.

The juice you communicate transfers into what you do and can’t help but rub off on the people exposed to your energy.

So when you get held up by some “scratch your head” choices, notice the juice that is attached to each one. You can do this with any one, or all, of your three major senses – sight, hearing and feeling.

Visually, you can draw or cut out a representative picture of each choice and notice which one appeals to you most.

Auditorily, you could record your choices and listen back for the passion.

Kinesthetically, you could notice how receptive your body feels when considering each of these choices.

The lesson is not to get caught up too much in the logic. Logic generally leads you down a path where many choices are automatically considered not possible. When you bypass logic and go with the juice, it’s a much more passion filled existence.

This is not a guarantee that you’ll get what you’re aiming for, it just makes the odds more possible and the ride more fun.

So here’s a recommendation to get around roadblocks: Start each day with some freshly squeezed juice.

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