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August 11, 2009

Back Stage Pass

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Back in my broadcasting days, I had occasion to meet many of the great performers of the time because I had access to a back stage pass. Many people never get the opportunity to interact with these folks, up close and personal. They only get to glimpse their gifts from afar. I gained admission with a coveted, special pass.

Here’s the good news. We all have admission to the backstage part of us bearing gifts, we just rarely use it.

One way to gain admission is through the “Power of Admission.”

We have built up an immunity to admitting things. We just can’t seem to own the idea of owning up. This is a game we play with ourselves and others that keeps the huge, imposing bouncer at the back stage door, barring our admittance to greater gifts.

The magic pass that gets you in is “Admission.”

The reasons people give for not making a clean breast of things is that it makes them feel wrong. No one likes the feeling of being wrong. We substitute another feeling to take its place – Guilt. Many would rather feel the shame of guilt rather than the pain of wrong, so they never admit anything.

Trouble is both guilt and wrong keep you from gaining admission backstage, keeping you separated from your gifts.

Here is a formula that works. Begin to admit things without adding “right” or “wrong” to your admission.

Start with yourself. It’s true that people even have a hard time admitting things to themselves, but it’s the best, low risk place to begin this practice.

Admit what you did in factual terms. Leave the judgement and recrimination out of it. An effective admission needs to have the word “I” up front. I did (fill in the blank).

Life, like real courtrooms, doesn’t contain many spontaneous admissions, no matter how many of them you see in TV courtroom dramas. We are hesitant to admit anything we’ve done because of the fear of banishment. What we fear is what we already have in place – banishment from our back stage place of love and acceptance.

When you admit without adding right or wrong it does two immediate things:

  1. Eases your guilt.
  2. Gets you through the back stage door.

Once you practice with yourself, you can branch out with minor admissions to others until you can work your way up to the full blown freedom of major admissions. The trick to opening the door is to leave right and wrong behind, on the floor.

Right and wrong prevent you from admitting. Once you remove them from the requirements and just admit the facts, you have tapped into the new found freedom that goes along with “The Power of Admission.”

This doesn’t mean that you can’t ever admit that you were way off base with your actions. It just means that it’s highly unlikely you’ll take the first step towards admission if right and wrong remain in place.

Start the process of admitting today and you’ll begin to feel the special perks of having a back stage pass.

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