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August 24, 2009

Parallel Universe

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Can you entertain, for a moment, the idea of a parallel universe? It’s one where another you exists but with a different set of circumstances. Both lives are going on simultaneously.

It’s an interesting notion that an old book called “Seth Speaks” explores and it engages your curiosity.

My sense is we all live in two places at once – Reality and Illusion.

Reality is easier to describe and only has one rule. Illusion is impossible to explain and the rules change with each circumstance.

The one rule of reality is this: What is, is. It’s a solid foundation on which to build.

The rules for illusion, a parallel universe to reality, get made up on the fly and are as supportive as wet cardboard.

We attempt to insulate ourselves from reality by living in illusion. It never works!

Reality is like an ocean wave. It’s going to happen no matter what. Illusion is pretending that a calm day by the ocean will forever be the norm. When we buy into that, we invest in sandcastles and call it “real” estate. That’s illusion.

How often do we make excuses for our behavior? That’s illusion masquerading as reality. Your behavior is pure reality. It can be measured and quantified. The explanation lives in a parallel universe.

I’m reminded of the exercise Werner Erhard would use at his est trainings. He would ask a person in front of the group to pick a flavor of ice cream – either chocolate or vanilla. When they picked, let’s say vanilla, he would ask them why they picked vanilla. They would then give a reason – an explanation. He would tell them that was the wrong answer and ask the question again. They would come up with another reason and he would again tell them it was the wrong answer. This question and answer routine went on and on until he finally asked, “Would you like to know the real reason?”

The exasperated person would say “Yes.” Erhard then said, “The reason you picked vanilla is because you picked vanilla.”

Notice that there is one behavior, picking ice cream, and a thousand explanations.

If you find that you’re constantly explaining yourself, you live in a parallel universe called illusion where behavior is explained away.

It’s time to get a piece of the rock – reality.

Reality doesn’t change because we come up with an explanation for it. It remains in place. No explanation will make it go away. That’s an illusion.

What behavior (reality) are you explaining away? It’s time to deal with the real thing, not the explanation. It’s the only way to escape from that parallel universe.

I’m fond of saying that mirrors don’t lie. You can’t explain away the reality you see in the mirror. So ask the following when standing before a mirror:

Mirror, mirror on the wall
What’s the grandest illusion of them all?

The answer is always the same – explaining away reality.

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