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August 12, 2009

Opened or Closed

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Are you opened or closed? I guess for most of us, it really depends on what’s being considered.

In the past, my personal conditioning had me automatically close to just about anything that didn’t match up with what I already knew. That was a limitation to learning something new.

I now say “Yes” to a lot more things that I said “No” to in the past. I guess you could say that I’ve opened.

Having experienced both opened and closed, I can tell you that open works much better. Open creates more possibilities; closed continually shuts the door.

I recently thought of a story from my teenage years where my father was attempting to teach me the value of opened vs. closed.

My dad and my uncle bought a Tastee Freeze franchise as an investment in the 60s. All of us who were old enough worked at the store from April through October. I vividly remember one dreary Sunday night in mid October. It was just me and my father working on this cold and rainy night before Columbus Day. Our advertised closing time was 11 p,m. It was about 10 p.m. and we hadn’t had a customer for over an hour, and the prospect of anyone coming out for ice cream was slim and his second cousin, slimmer.

I said to my father, “Why don’t we close up and go home? Looks like nobody is coming out in this weather for ice cream.” He said, “What about the guy who may come out to bring ice cream home for his children. Where will he go the next time he wants ice cream late at night and remembers that we were weren’t open like we said we would be?” I silently grumbled because I knew we were staying ’til 11.

Not but 10 minutes later, a guy drove up with a car full of kids and got them all ice cream. I’m sure the kids didn’t care that it was wet, cold and rainy. They were getting ice cream.

The moral of the story is you get more when you stay open.

How does one become more open? Begin to notice your automatic reactions – the ones you always have. Once observed, you may want to question whether they’re working for you or not. That’s the beginning to the opening process – the process that leads to more open doors.

Are you opened or closed? It’s really not a condition, but rather a choice – one you get to make every day. I hope you make a yummy choice.

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