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August 20, 2009

Bad Hypnosis

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My step father, rest in peace, would say that, Americans were the most contentious people on the earth. I rarely agreed with him but am beginning to see more of his point of view.

Have you watched any of the “discussions” on health care at the town hall meetings? Yes, there are people there with legitimate and differing points of view, but you would never know we were a “civil” society by the actions we see.

Before this turns political, let’s admit that shills for all sides of the debate are in and outside the room with the sole purpose of disruption. They’re interested in heat rather than light.

Once you identify and isolate the ringers, only genuine people are left – people who are easily led, not by their intellect, but by their emotions.

Thank God, I was introduced to something called “Bad Hypnosis” by the late Dr. Dave Dobson. He knew how easily we as humans are manipulated to another’s point of view when they pushed the proper emotional buttons.

He asked us to close our eyes and led us through an exercise. The purpose of the exercise was to have the part of us that knows we’re being surreptitiously manipulated (by the way, we all have this part of us) to alert us that we’re being exposed to “Bad Hypnosis.”

It is one of the best experiences you can own. It calms you down when you’re getting caught up in another’s one-way agenda. It allows you to recalibrate to a neutral spot, where you can recognize a wolf in sheep’s clothing so much easier.

Jerry Spence, the famed cowboy attorney calls this part of us our “Bullshit Detector.”

The name is irrelevant; the fact that we own this sensing device is the message here.

So here’s a little exercise you can practice in seconds that will attune you to “Bad Hypnosis” and calibrate you to a spot where you can make an informed choice.

Take a deep breath, exhale slowly, close your eyes and ask yourself “Where does this sensing device live in my body?” Just pay attention to any signal you get from your body. You may feel warmness or coolness, a tingling, pulsation, or something else in a certain part of your body. It may not be overt, but it will be an unmistakable sensation that’s associated with your question.

Catalog that signal. It’s your own personal BS detector. You may have to practice this exercise a few times before you begin to trust that there’s a part of you that knows “what’s what.”

Begin to notice this signal when it just shows up on its own. You, more often than not, are being alerted to pay attention to the fact that you are being led down a trail that leads to someone else’s destination – not yours.

Activate your detector today and start to see through others’ plans to lead you astray.

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