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July 24, 2008


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Where is the most cluttered place in your home? If you just moved, the answer won’t be that revealing.

Is it your living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, den, attic or garage? Or someplace else?

Even if you’re an inveterate slob, there’s one place that’s more cluttered than another. My guess is that most people would select attic, garage, or crawl space because we seem to treat those places like the miscellaneous file. If we can’t figure out what to do with it, we usually stuff it there. So, let’s take them out of consideration and concentrate on the main rooms in your living space.

Which area is perpetually covered over? Or maybe it’s just a piece of furniture or section of that room that’s hidden – a counter top, a desk, a sofa, a bed, etc.

Imagine that place in your mind. Sense all the clutter that’s in this room or strewn across a piece of furniture or piled up in a specific corner.

Now, mentally clean up that space. Use your imagination and see and sense yourself cleaning that area. Do it from top to bottom and take as little or as much time as your imagination needs to unclutter this space. More on this in a moment . . .

My sense is that space corresponds to an area that is cluttered in your life. Perhaps an example would be helpful . . .

Suppose it’s your desk. My guess is that your work is clogged up – not going that well or you have bills you can’t pay. Suppose it’s your bed. My guess is your sex life or sleeping patterns may be challenged. Could a consistently cluttered living room indicate cluttered health? What about the kitchen? Is your food consumption all out of whack? What could a cluttered bathroom indicate?

I invite you to get curious about this idea because I believe there is a correlation. I have no way to validate this claim other than through my own experience but I think the application is universal.

Yes, there are sloppy housekeepers, but this goes deeper than that. There is someplace, even in the neatest of homes that is not getting attention. Is there something to this or is it just a whacky idea? Don’t judge it in your head; do the mental exercise a few times and notice the results.

It would be easy to say, just clean up the space and see what happens. That would be working from the outside in, which has short-term results. Mentally clean that space in your mind. Make that space fully functional in your mind and notice the corresponding dysfunction in your life begin to clean up.

The side benefit is that after doing this exercise a few times, you quite naturally create the desire to voluntarily clean up that actual space.

I wonder if they give awards for mental good housekeeping.

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