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July 21, 2008

Homonyms 2

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I had a dream Friday night questioning the difference between two similar sounding words – Incite and Insight.

Incite means “stimulate or prompt to action” and Insight is defined as “appreciating the true nature of something.”

I got to wondering.

For the most part, I’ve always had “incite” as a negative word in my head, like inciting a riot. Yet there is ample evidence that it has positive connotations such as inciting one’s passion, say to read.

I found my true passion from the insight in that dream – inciting myself and others to appreciate the true nature of things.

It seems we function like lost puppies for much of our lives. Yes, we have careers, relationships, families and dreams, and the joys and sorrows that go along with them. But there comes a point where we aimlessly wander. We may appear to function well, yet we suffer. That could easily be dismissed as being human but that wouldn’t provide all the insight that’s necessary.

What are we wandering to or from?

Seems we incite ourselves to wander towards all the earthly rewards and away from the source of all gifts – insight.

We attempt to figure life out as though it’s a puzzle. That strategy will only get you so far. The difficulty is that some of the puzzle pieces are not on the board, so we consume our life with thinking and activities geared towards looking for something that’s not there. That’s wandering.

When we look outside ourselves for the answer, we always remain hungry for carrots. We keep inciting ourselves to do better, be better, attain more, and spend little time “insighting” ourselves.

The interesting part is that once you take some regular mind quieting time, you begin to discover lost puzzle pieces that fit nicely into the mosaic of your earthly desires without making them the focal point of life.

It would be like heading out to a store with a very specific thing in mind that you needed. Once you arrived at the store, they offered a free demonstration of this mind quieting recording that you could listen to with headphones in a comfortable, reclining chair. After listening, you were refreshed and recharged and all of a sudden discovered that what you really needed was something other than what you came for. This new thing fit more precisely in your life than anything you could have consciously conjured up. That’s the benefit of insight.

Here is a secret I will share with you. When you quiet your mind, you discover this: Insight incites you.

Fuel yourself with insight and you’ll wonder where the wander went.

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