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July 17, 2008

Sleeping Policeman

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20 some years ago I was on a cruise and one of the ports of call was Ocho Rios on the north coast of Jamaica. While walking around the island city, I noticed a sign that read: Sleeping Policeman Ahead. It made me smile and got me curious.

I came to find out that
Sleeping Policeman
comes to us from the British. It’s what we commonly call a “speed bump” designed to slow down our speed.

I was reminded of that term this morning when I saw an SUV going a bit too fast as I was out walking the dog. It got me wondering about the rush to nowhere that goes on unimpeded in our lives.

I guessed that the driver of the SUV was probably running behind schedule or maybe he just liked to drive fast. Either way, it pointed up how oblivious we are to our natural rhythms. Our natural rhythm is not perpetual pedal to the metal, but you would never guess that by looking around.

Seems we’re all in a rush to get somewhere other than where we are. We miss a lot when we do that. Firstly, we miss the richness the present moment has to offer and then we miss the natural rhythm of our body.

Did you ever notice that your mind wants to run at full speed? Thank goodness your body is incapable of keeping up. It wants to run at a different pace but we continually override the desires of our body with the go-go-go instructions from our mind.

There is an eventual price to pay for this mind activity – a rebellion from your body.

Your body will send you a slow down signal. At first, it may be aches and pains and if we ignore them too often, they eventually graduate to full blown diseases. This is your body’s reaction to the mental stress you constantly keep it under.

Cell Biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton tells us that we are either in a state of fear and protection, OR in a state of joy/love & growth. You can’t be in both at the same time. According to Bruce, chronic stress is the biggest obstruction to our health and is related to most illnesses.  So activities that promote relaxation also promote our health & well-being.

Dr. Lipton is just one of many Sleeping Policemen who are encouraging us to slow down and save lives – mainly our own.

There is no one who is too busy to take a look at the direction of their life or to adopt a practice that slows them down a bit so that they get the therapeutic effects and can recharge. Most people are already attempting to slow themselves down but with methods that only hasten their deterioration – excessive alcohol, drugs, food, etc.

Your mission today is to find your Sleeping Policeman. There are so many to choose from. The step that’s necessary before you find one is to recognize that you need one. If you notice that your mind is going full speed ahead, that’s all the recognition you need to find a helpful way of slowing down.

My CD RELAX IN 2 MINUTES is one of the many ways you can begin this practice right away.

The road sign “Speed Kills” can easily be replaced by one that reads: “Sleeping Policeman.”

All the best,


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