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July 8, 2008


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According to the Encarta Dictionary, the word, “homonym” is defined as “a word that is spelled or pronounced in the same way as one or more other words but has a different meaning.”

Such is the case for sowing and sewing.

“You reap what you sow” is a familiar expression. One not as popular is, “You sew what you reap” – especially if it’s not to your liking.

How much sewing are you doing? My guess is more than your fair share. Sewing is putting together what has come apart, or stitching things together.

Both are hard work often with lackluster results. Perhaps an example would be helpful . . .

Suppose you are sewing pieces together that just don’t work – like plaids and stripes, or attempting to join two friends you like but who don’t cotton to each other. Your design is going to sit on the shelf and your matchmaking will be a disaster. In planting terminology, you have sown an unworkable combo and you will reap the same results with each similar effort.

The mind’s solution to putting together what has come apart is to sew it together again and give it another go. You may have failed to notice that this sowing soil has lost its enriching qualities. Anything planted here will grow apart again and again.

Are you sewing a broken heart?

It can’t be done. You’re attempting to sew something that can only sew itself. Your attempts will have it come apart time after time. The snafu is that you have given your attention over to mending. What you focus on increases. That means your life long focus will be on mending. That’s why things come apart for you, so you can mend them – again. It’s a script that will repeat itself like the storyline of a bad soap opera.

Mending a broken heart begins by focusing your attention on the feelings associated with the break. What emotions come up for you and where do you feel them in your body? Paying attention to the feelings in your body allows them space to be fully felt and not cramped into a corner of your mind. When you fully experience the sensations associated with the emotions, you are sowing a new crop in fertile soil. This new crop will produce material you can use to sew something new together – something that’s solidly stitched and will sell.

When we sew together the same old patterns, we get the same unattractive outfit. Fruitless sewing or mending is keeping everything in your head. You are sewing the story together again to keep it alive. Once you discover that storytelling isn’t going to solve it, you can turn it over to the invisible mender – your body and its innate intelligence.

Stop sewing and begin sowing.

Sow the feelings into the fertile soil of the body instead of into the hardpan of the mind and find out how quickly you can mend. Then discover what beautiful tapestries you can produce.

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