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July 16, 2008

I Am

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Biblically speaking, we have heard that the term “I AM” is a reference to the name that God gave Himself in Exodus 3:14

Many who teach the Law of Attraction say that the “I AM” part of you is the divine part, the creator.

The Grasshopper checked in with two nips of nectar on “I AM” – one recently, and one from a few years back. In March of 2008, He said,

“I AM is a statement of creation. Be mindful of what follows I AM. Interrupt yourself when you are attributing something limiting to I AM. A more useful statement is he/she is – where he or she refers to the conditioned you.”

In November of 2005, The Grasshopper said this:

“A new perspective on affirmations: When you affirm, affirm what is undeniable – meaning affirm I AM is _____________. (fill in affirmation).

The Affirmation is about the consciousness that is you – not about the conditioned you. You are affirming what is already true, possible and present for the unmanifest right now. When you affirm that, it seeps through to your life experience.”

One thought seems to be a warning and the other is a new strategy for affirmations.

The warning is be careful what you reinforce. “I AM not a people person” is an affirmation that will keep you out of Dale Carnegie classes. “I AM a klutz” keeps you out of the juggling hall of fame. “I AM a failure” will have you continue living that script.

The difficulty I have with affirmations in general is this: We don’t believe the positive ones. You can say, “I AM a good dancer” as often as you like, but if you are truly a lousy dancer the conditioned you will never believe it. There is too much evidence to the contrary.

The new affirmation strategy given to me by The Grasshopper has more believability.

If you consider “I AM” to be the creative part of you, there is no trouble in believing that rhythmic dancing is available to the all knowing.

The subtle shift is that you are affirming what is possible for your caldron of creativity, not the egoic you.

My contention is that with this type of affirmation, you sidestep the conscious filter of disbelief and allow this intention to gain entry to the creative part of you. With practice, you will begin to notice more and more evidence of the intention showing up.

It seems that most affirmations are about health and wealth. Rather than affirming “I AM healthy,” add a verb. Affirm “I AM is healthy.” You are saying the creative, godly part of you is healthy. There can be little argument about that. It’s easy to believe.

This intention, once believed, will begin to bubble up into consciousness where you will receive ideas to act on which will lead you towards your intention.

I could have made this all up. In fact, I did. That doesn’t prevent you from using this strategy to see how soon you’ll get better results than with traditional affirming.

I AM is doing something new.

All the best,


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