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July 7, 2008

Spiritual Discovery

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The Grasshopper spoke to me on July 4th and I wrote down his words:

“Spiritual discovery is a process of removal. Seeking enlightenment may be the goal but that’s just asking the question. The answer becomes apparent when outward seeking ceases and we dedicate ourselves to dismantling our illusion.”

Some pretty heady words on the nation’s birthday.

So where is the beginning point for taking apart our illusion?

I believe it starts by relabeling the voice in your head. Noticing that voice, with all its criticisms and pronouncements, is not you is the first place to begin work.

Begin to recognize that that critical voice is not you but an abusive tenant that rents a room in your house. They’re noisy, seek constant attention, and will verbally berate you and tell you what to do every chance they get. That’s all they know how to do. The first step in getting that tenant in line is to notice that they aren’t you. This separation is a powerful step because most people don’t know that the voice in their head is not them.

Just by noticing the voice with its repetitive thoughts as being a separate entity, begins to calm it down. You realize you are no longer dealing with you but a loud, blustering imposter. You now recognize that voice for what it is, and that’s when it ceases to have power over you.

This step takes diligence because your noisy roommate will double their efforts to convince you that they are you once you discover they are not. Noticing that it’s just a noisy tenant gives you greater ease in tuning them out. Once they realize that nobody’s listening, they begin to calm down.

Recognizing that you are not your thoughts is the first step of spiritual discovery. Like everything else, some get it quicker than others. Quickness is not the goal; getting it is. For most of us it remains a worthwhile work in progress.

Separate yourself from your thoughts today and notice how quiet it can get.

All the best,


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