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March 30, 2009

Going, Going, Gone!

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Something has walked out the door and my sense is it’s never coming back.

It’s never been in abundant supply to begin with and you’ve NEVER witnessed it in politics.

It’s a special phrase that you’ll occasionally hear in sports, but hardly ever in real life.

It’s as though glue forms in our mouth when our mind wants to issue these words. What comes out instead is something that sounds like a PR firm was consulted before we spoke.

These are magic words. They aren’t as magical as “I’m sorry,” but they could play the lounge in Vegas.

What is this phrase that has made a mass exodus from our culture?


When did we hop off the train of personal responsibility? What stops us from pointing a finger in our own direction? This is a pandemic. If you want to make huge amounts of money in this challenging economy, start selling scapegoats. There’s no seeming end for their demand.

Thesaurus words like “Mitigate” and “Obfuscate” take the place of two words that say it all – MY BAD!

I know Facebook folks are famous for joining groups. I want to form a new one – BRING BACK “MY BAD”!

Our painted faces are so afraid of rain that “MY BAD” has become a thunderstorm that’s to be avoided at all costs. Did you ever notice how good the air smells after a thunderstorm?

MY BAD is good for what ails you.

Test it out today to be sure that I’m not making this up. Start small and work your way up, but make the commitment today to take back your personal responsibility and find a way to say, MY BAD!

All the best,



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