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March 25, 2009

The Future

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At first, it was hard for me to accept that the future doesn’t exist. “Tomorrow or one minute from now is the future” was my logical retort. Then it dawned on me, the future is just a continuation of the present, just as the present is a continuation of the past. There really is only one moment – the one you’re in now. Some pretty heady stuff!

Now is your window of opportunity. This wisdom has been offered before. Benjamin Franklin reminded us, “Don’t put off ’til tomorrow that which you can do today.” Many have used that mantra as a prescription to combat laziness. It contains more truth than that.

The Grasshopper checked in with this: “Your portal to the future is the present moment.”

It seems that any notion of the future is tied to the past somehow. NLP pioneer, Richard Bandler underscored that idea when he said, “When people don’t deal with the past as if it’s over, then they’re not free to go into the future.”

The only time to deal with the past, to which Bandler refers, is right now. The only time to deal with any imagined future is right now. The only moment that ever exists is the one you’re in right now. It’s the only moment where change can happen.

We get caught up in the construct of time that tells us we have more time than we have. We spend our time living in one of two fantasylands – the past or the future. On one hand, we get frustrated when the next moment doesn’t look any different than this one. We equally annoy ourselves when we compare this moment to our 8 x 10 glossies of the past and it doesn’t match up.

The common connection to past and future is right now. Right now is your future. Right now is the only time you can outgrow your past.

The opportunity for growth is available to each and every one of us right now.

The surest route to stagnation is staying stuck in the past or future.

Have all the reveries of the past that you desire and all the visions of the future that you can handle. They can act as fodder for change. But don’t confuse the musings for the action that’s necessary. That action can only take place in the moment you’re in. The past moments are over and the future moments don’t exist. Your window of opportunity is only open in one moment – right now.

What are you doing with this moment?

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