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March 20, 2009

Spring Cleaning

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Today’s the day. Spring arrives!

There is something really special about springtime especially in areas that experience climate change as one season rolls into another.

It’s the time for clearing away and experiencing new growth.

There are many people who ascribe to the idea that clearing space in your home clears space in your mind. I’m one of those people.

My experience is that cleaning out a closet, an attic, a garage, a crawl space, kitchen cabinets, or a junk drawer has a corresponding effect in our mind.

I have never done one of these tasks where I haven’t experienced some sort of mental shift in an area of my life that was clogged.

The same thing happens for me when I do an outside project like thatching the lawn and sprinkling in seed, cutting back trees or bushes, or planting new flowers or shrubs.

Inside or outside, it becomes a spiritual practice.

I’m sure I could come up with some dazzling reasons why this works, but I’m more interested in the result than in the “why and wherefore.”

You don’t have to get crazy with this and start cleaning everything because that will make it a chore and produce resistance. Start easy. Find something small that needs tending to. Perhaps you could clean off the top of your desk or clear out the broom closet. Look for a small catchall place that seems to be a magnet for clutter and disorganization and clean it up.

Then pay attention to your feelings. Aside from a feeling of accomplishment, you will notice a perceptible shift in your mindset.

Don’t believe me I could be making this up. Spring into action today or over the weekend and do one of these activities. Then pay attention to the release that goes on inside you. The worst thing that can happen is that you’ll have a cleaner house or a more attractive landscape.

There is a powerful upside to this practice.

You can also set an intention before embarking on your spring cleaning project. You may want to marry the intention to the completion of the project. For example, suppose you are wrestling with a problem in your mind that is claiming a lot of your attention. Your intention could be to have the problem solving portion of your mind work on a solution while you fully engage in your clean up activity.

Spring cleaning is a tool for cleansing of the mind making room for the growth of new ideas and new direction for your life.

Who knew that sweeping the driveway could provide the answer to your problem?

Enjoy Spring!


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