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March 16, 2009

Parking Garage

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I never thought of the mind as a parking garage for thoughts until today. It seems there are daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and lifelong customers.

The longer a thought stays parked in your mind, the less useful it becomes.

The key to keeping thoughts useful is to keep them flowing. The minute they become parked, there is no room for new thoughts to enter your garage.

There is also a below ground garage that holds the experiences that keep those thoughts parked. It’s like a giant electromagnet that holds those thoughts in their spaces.

It’s time for a Garage Sale.

We have to begin at the source, meaning we have to begin our clean up below decks so that we can get the results we want on the surface.

There is the long way and the short way to accomplish this task.

The long way is to try and figure out a way to manage our thoughts. This may take years of trial and error and long hours of therapy and still not be successful. This is like moving a thought from one space to another. It still stays parked. We want them to flow in an out and only have short term parking at most.

The short way is to turn off the power of the magnet. Once the magnetic hold is removed, it’s easier for the thoughts to move through.

The way to reduce the magnetic pull is to experience the emotion that holds the thought in place. As long as the emotion is charged up, the thought isn’t going to budge.

Experiencing emotions is not an easy task because there is discomfort involved. It involves feeling, the thought of which scares most of us into a state of immobility.

There is also discomfort involved in passing a kidney stone. It is a necessary discomfort to move through in order to get things flowing again. (See Vacation Day)

Moving through your emotions is necessary to get your thoughts flowing which means getting you unstuck.

As discussed in past blogs, moving through your emotions is paying attention to the feeling they deliver in your body. Different emotions may turn up different places in your physical body. Place your awareness on the feeling that’s going on in that body part and you will move through the emotion.

It may take minutes or an hour of sustained awareness on that body part and the attendant feeling to get that emotion to release. Along with that release comes a free flowing garage that doesn’t have you hold on to a thought any longer than is necessary or useful.

To clean up your mind, you first have to clean up your body.

Find an emotion that has persistently followed you around and give it some attention. That’s all it needs in order to release.

The price you pay for long-term parking can be sizably reduced by returning the flow to your parking garage. Begin today by not keeping your emotions at bay.

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