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March 3, 2009


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There is only one gap worth keeping – the gap between your thoughts. All other human gaps are designed to be closed.

When there is a gap between you and something, that something remains elusive. It seems the closer you get to it, the more it moves the same distance away. Reminds me of my childhood . . .

Back then a common sight was Scottie dog magnets. I’m sure they came in different breeds but I only remember Scotties. When you brought these magnets closer together, a magnetic field formed between them and they repelled each other. The closer one dog’s nose got to the other’s, the further the second dog would move backwards. The gap remained the same. If you forced them together, you could get them to touch, but they immediately separated once you removed the pressure.

Forcing connections is not closing the gap. That’s the proverbial “you ought to meet my cousin” scenario, which NEVER works.

The gap between you and the something you desire remains in place because of resistance. It’s easy to say the resistance is provided by the other, but if you check real closely, it’s coming from you. You generate the resistance and the something you desire mirrors it back to you.

The resistance is formed when you consciously plan a strategy for closing the gap. The resistance is created in your mind, as is the gap. There is no real gap between you and anything. Everything is connected, except in your mind. When your mind perceives a gap between you and something, you create the resistance that keeps the illusion of the gap alive.

The connection to all is invisible, but it still exists. A laptop computer’s connection to the internet is invisible, but it still exists. The only time the connection doesn’t appear to exist is when we turn it off. It’s always available.

The way to make more connections with people and things is to know the connection already exists. This method is hard to grasp because of all the resistance we create by consciously planning to get something that we already have.

There are methods that would have you specifically envision what you want as already in your possession as the way to close the gap. It’s a very popular methodology that has an unreported high rate of failure. My sense is the low rate of fruition is due to envisioning the connection to something specific. The more specific you desire the connection to be, the more it seems to move away.

Focusing on the connection to everything keeps connection turned on. I encourage you to use your quiet time to focus on connection. Leave the specifics out of it, just focus on the feeling of connection. This is a meditation of inclusion. When you get too specific, you are making an attempt to mold reality to your conscious plan – a plan that keeps resistance alive and excludes most of the playing field. This has less success than hitting it off with the cousin.

When you include everything, your connections increase exponentially. When you exclude, you keep the perceived gap alive and stay disconnected.

Want what you want. Make your lists, daydream until your heart is content, but when it comes time to quiet your mind, make your mantra “Connection.”

It’s the difference between having access to the local Dollar Store or the entire internet.

Close the gap that doesn’t exist by focusing on connection. This is a process, and like any process it takes effort and repetition to get results. When you focus on connection to everything, prepare for welcome surprises that would have never shown up if you stayed focused on specifics.

Connection creates flow; specifics produce resistance.

Close the gap by getting connected.

All the best,


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