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March 12, 2009

Jimmy Time

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I was between flights at the Atlanta airport a few years ago and decided to get my shoes shined. I walked into the enclosed shoeshine area and took a seat. There were four chairs but only one person on duty shining shoes. The man said I would be next as soon as he finished with his current customer.

A moment later, in walks this “busy and important” person and announces that he has a Noon appointment. It was a couple of minutes before Noon. The fellow on duty asked who he made the appointment with. He gruffly replied, “Jimmy.”

The fellow shining shoes said, “Jimmy not here.”

The man launched into a frenetic speech about how he specifically made a Noon appointment and wondered how can businesses run properly if they don’t honor appointments. This went on non-stop for about a minute and a half. He then asked, “Where’s Jimmy?”

Again, the gent said, “Jimmy not here.”

The man with his feathers ruffled insistently asked, “Where could he be?”

The guy shining shoes said, “Jimmy comes and goes as he pleases. He rents this space and shows up when he shows up.” He finished up with a phrase that lives on in infamy, at least in my house. He said, “Jimmy, he on Jimmy time.”

The man walked out in a huff and I reached for my journal to preserve this moment.

I told my son the story when I got home and we had a good laugh, and then my son came up with a new phrase he uses when he needs some time for himself. He would say, “I need some Jimmy time.”

Everyone benefits from some “Jimmy time.”

If you’re not carving out a small portion of your day for yourself, you are doing yourself and those around you a giant disservice. Even the busiest person on the planet can make a few minutes for themselves to relax and recharge. I like to think of them as “mind calming minutes.”

When you take the time to allow your mind to calm down, you begin the process of relaxing and recharging. After your “mind calming minutes,” you bring a fresher perspective back to what you were doing before you took a break, and you bring new energy. You’ll notice and so will the people you interact with.

I created my CD RELAX IN 2 MINUTES after doing my seminars in New York City. I noticed that many of the citizens of that city resembled the man at the airport. They were stuck inside of their head and it was causing havoc with their behavior and needlessly depleting their energy. I devised an easy way to get out of your head and into your body. It’s an exercise that simply gets you to focus your attention on a specific body part and then feel what’s going on in that part of your body. The CD progressively moves you though your body and the result is a more relaxed, recharged you.

The purpose of the CD is to teach you the method so you can do it on your own and have the ability to relax anytime, anywhere in 2 minutes or less. You can easily order this CD at

You may have a method of mind calming relaxation that works for you. This blog post isn’t intended to have you purchase my CD. It’s a reminder to make time for yourself everyday and allow your thoughts to melt and fade away. It’s one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself and it only takes a few minutes out of your day.

“Hey kids, what time is it?”


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