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November 27, 2008

Thanks/No Thanks

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“Thanks” and “No Thanks” are messages we send out every day. I wonder how often we notice the results they generate. Here’s to noticing!


“Thanks” is saying “Yes” to life.

“No Thanks” closes the door.


“Thanks” says we are open.

“No Thanks” doesn’t let anyone in.


“Thanks” is about possibility.

“No Thanks” is a dead end.


“Thanks” always contributes to you.

“No Thanks” bleeds you dry.


“Thanks” reveals your heart.

“No Thanks” constricts your blood vessels.


“Thanks” is universal light.

“No Thanks” is the dark corner of illusion.


On this Thanksgiving day, begin the practice of saying “Thanks” and watch the gravy boat come your way more often.


Happy Thanksgiving!


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