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November 21, 2008

Cold Case

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It’s the one we can’t forget about, but also can’t figure out. In police terms it’s called a “Cold Case.”

The sense of who we are is a cold case.

The sense of who we think we are is burning in the forefront of our mind. Call it our personality, self image or ego. Who we think we are always leads us on a familiar path of non-discovery.

But every now and then we get a nudge or a stray piece of evidence that leads us back to the cold case archives in an effort to bring our true self to the front burner.

The impetus to search again could be triggered by a book, a blog, a seminar, a friend, or a quiet moment of contemplation. Something is driving us to discover that we are more than meets the eye.

There is an urge to reconnect in each one of us. That urge is denied a seat in our conscious mind because it’s always so crowded in there, but our body has more capacity.

That sense to discover is an unmistakable feeling that we can’t consciously figure out. The logic goes something like this: “If I can’t wrap my mind around it, it must not exist.” But your body keeps sending you signals that there’s something that needs thawing which would deliver a great benefit to you.

The stirrings begin about the midpoint of life for most. Before that we’re too busy figuring everything out. Then one day comes the realization that we’re never going to figure it out, and for many, this recognition triggers the fear of losing control. It’s a scary time.

Then as we move through this period, we find that we never had any control to lose in the first place. The pseudo-control we were attempting to exert had no more effect than a “dummy” steering wheel on the passenger side of the car. We were attempting to control reality rather than accepting it.

Acceptance is the catalyst that begins the thawing process.

What’s really thawing is our resistance to the fact that there is something bigger than we can comprehend that is the driving force of our life. This acceptance allows us align ourselves with this unscripted intelligence and we begin living life smarter and with less effort.

“Make it happen” becomes “Allow it to happen.”

Our activities become infused with ease and grace and we instinctively adopt the attitude of what the Chinese call “Wu Wei” – Do not force.

There really is a magic part of you that you’ll never figure out that’s sitting in the cold case storage room. When you stop resisting figuring it out, melting will begin and the case will solve itself.


All the best,

John Morgan


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