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November 11, 2008

Rock Bottom

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I wonder if anyone has ever named one of the new, trendy housing communities “Rock Bottom?” The name would certainly be apt in these financial times.

Also, the TV analysts keep speculating when the stock market will find the bottom. “What goes up must come down” is the ancient wisdom. Hitting bottom is a strategy for change that has stood the test of time. It presents itself when you come to the realization that you are fed up with being fed up. Reminds me of a story . . .

When I conduct Weight Loss seminars, oftentimes I will ask some people to say, “I am ready to lose weight.” I will then ask the group if their answer sounded convincing. Most often the answer is “No.” I will then coach the person to say the phrase again so that it sounds and feels convincing to them. Again, I ask the group to evaluate the believability. Most often “No” turns to “Yes,” but sometimes the group answer remains “No.” That person has not hit bottom and, frankly, is not yet ready to take the necessary action.

Try one of these phrases on for size and say it aloud:

I’m fed up with being fat.

I’m tired of being scared all the time.

I can’t stand acting this way any longer.

How believable is your own answer? Don’t judge it in your head; feel it in your body. How real does your declaration feel?

Your answer will sit on an emotional continuum somewhere between “Nice to have” and “If I don’t get this I won’t be able to breathe.” The closer you are to breathless, the better your chance for success.

Much time is wasted in attempting something that you don’t have the energy for. These ventures will result in half-hearted attempts with half-hearted results. Rock bottom produces its own energy. It’s very similar to the energy “dead tired” people find at quitting time.

Rock bottom is often referred to as “the end of suffering.”

The suffering ends when you realize that your conscious will doesn’t have the requisite energy to pull off the job. You finally surrender to something bigger than your conscious will. Rock bottom is really the death of your ego (the image of yourself that you made up and got comfortable with).

As long as you are exacting your will on something you will get temporary or “Nice to have” results.

Rock bottom is often the turning point in many peoples’ lives. It’s not the only way to change, but it has the longest and most successful history.

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