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November 6, 2008


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I believe there is an unextinguished fire within the human spirit that is fueled by the search for wholeness.

We as a people are looking to complete ourselves and most of our journey is spent on the path that won’t take us there.

Examine your thoughts. Notice how many times, you entertain this scenario in your mind: “If I ruled the world.” As you play that thought out, you find that you are still left with more questions than answers. We use so much energy attempting to control our kingdom that we miss the opportunity to discover our wholeness.

We were born whole and conditioned away from that state by the forbidden fruit known as control. If you seek to control, you’ll never become whole.

Control shuts off the flow of wholeness.

It seems the purpose of all our controlling activities is to complete ourselves and return to the wholeness we arrived with. We are doing a very poor job because the fabric of everyday human life is stitched together with a dissolving thread known as control. Control eventually comes unraveled because it’s a manufactured condition that is, at best, weak. When we fall apart, we oftentimes look for stronger controls. That effort also fails.

Most people find themselves later in life looking back on a life filled with controls that never worked. This is when many discover wholeness.

The best kept secret is this: You don’t have to wait.

Wholeness is an available choice at any point in life. The only price you have to pay to get it is to give up control.

Wholeness is a feeling of certainty that everything is taken care of, or as the Buddha said, “Everything is as it should be.” We stop attempting to control reality and discover that acceptance of reality is the key to being whole. It’s from this place of wholeness that new ways of dealing with life’s dilemmas emerge that keep us from falling back to our default position of control.

If you really want to nag yourself, wait until the end of your life to find out you spent your whole life riding the wrong horse. The truth is you can change horses in midstream. You may get frightened in the process because giving up control is scary, but your reward for riding reality is you don’t have to wait until the home stretch to find wholeness.

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