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November 5, 2008


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Sarcasm: A sharp and often satirical or ironic utterance designed to cut or give pain.

I think Americans witnessed something last night – the demise of sarcasm as an effective political strategy. As I watched the USA select a new President, The Grasshopper’s words came to me, “Sarcasm is a spice and not a staple of life.”

I have come to appreciate that sarcasm is a universal force of divisiveness. I have also come to notice that those who use it as a staple bring more negative energy to their interactions and appear to be an unhappy lot.

Sarcasm will never disappear from our lives, but the degree to which it lessens, broadens the landscape known as “common ground,” and lays the foundation for more optimistic, peaceful feelings.

I never want to remove sarcasm from the dictionary, but I am grateful that it has faded in my life.

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