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November 24, 2008


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The Grasshopper spoke to me last night. He offered this:

“I’m all alone when I’m in my head.”

I had to let the message sink in because I sensed there was a lesson to be learned.

The message is we isolate ourselves from the world, and from life itself, when we wall ourselves off in the fortress of our head.

We think we’re solving the world’s problems but we’re not even touching anyone else in the world. It’s us talking to us saying the same old things that no one else wants to listen to because the thoughts are so stale. If you need a visual to go along with this, think the final scene of PSYCHO when Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates is alone with his thoughts.

We isolate ourselves from the wisdom of life when we stay in the closed loop of our thoughts. You’ll know you’ve been trapped in your head when you recognize that your thoughts have been thinking you, rather than the other way around.

We have an opportunity to free ourselves from that trap with each passing thought. If you take a moment to STOP AND NOTICE that you are being held prisoner by your thoughts, then and only then do you make a space for escape.

Asking questions is a great way to plan your escape. When you find yourself caught in a thought, have the presence of mind to ask a question. Here’s a recommended one: “How do I allow new thoughts to enter my mind?”

Just asking the question puts your repetitive thought process on temporary hold and engages your curiosity. Curiosity creates space. There is usually not an instant response to a question you don’t know the answer to, but the silence that follows the query provides the space for one to show up.

When you create space, you are expanding your mind to include information you don’t have access to when you are solitarily confined to your mental cell.

You can remain isolated with your thoughts. Just do nothing and they will continue to loop and repeat unless you ask yourself how to make them retreat.

Your house becomes a home when people are invited in. Your mind becomes an asset when you make space for new visitors.

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